Komatsu Bucket Lip Shroud For Construction and Mining Equipment

Without lip shrouds, the main cutting edge of the bucket is exposed to constant and abrasive wear. This may lead to excessive lip wear and shorten the lifetime of the bucket lip. HCE has different types of universal weld-on lip shrouds available for the bucket of the most popular construction and mining excavators.

heavy duty excavator bucket lip shroud for construction and mining Komatsu are specially designed to achieve high output in all applications, and are available in heavy and super heavy versions for different and harsh construction and mining working conditions.

Features of Komatsu Bucket Lip Shroud For Construction and Mining Equipment

Available for mining and construction class Volvo excavators
Shrouds for 30 mm bucket lips up to 140 mm bucket lips
With the hardness of at least 300 Brinell for excellent wear resistance
Several types of lip shrouds to match different applications

Komatsu Bucket Lip Shroud For Construction and Mining Equipment

Komatsu Bucket Lip Shroud For Construction and Mining Equipment

Popular Items for Excavator Bucket Lip Shroud For Construction and Mining Komatsu PC1250 and more Komatsu excavators

PC1000-1 PC650-1 LS1301700J
PC1000-1 PC650-3 LS1301700JSTD
PC1000-1 LC PC650-3 LC LS1302350J
PC1000-1 LC PC650-5 LS1302350JHD
PC1000-1 SE PC650-5 LS6401950J
PC100-3 PC650-5 LC LS8002200J
PC100-6 PC650-5 SE LS400900JL
PC1100-6 PC650LC-11 LS4001200JL
PC1100-6 PC400-5 LS4001200JR
PC1100-6 LC PC400-5 HD LS4001600JR
PC1250-7 PC400-5 LC LS4001600JL
PC1250-7 PC400-6 LS4001600JRS
PC1250-7 LC PC400-6 HD LS4001600JLS
PC1250-8 PC400-6 LC LS4001750JR
PC1250-8 PC400-6 LCSE LS4001750JL
PC1250-8 LC PC400-7 LC LS4751300J
PC1400 PC1250LC-8 LS4751400J
PC1400 PC1250LC-8 MH LS4751700J
PC1500-1 PC1250-8R LS4751950J
PC1500-1 PC400LCSE-8R LS5501750J
PC1600-1 PC400-3 LS5502200J
PC1600-1 PC400-3 LC LS6251400J
PC1800-6 PC800LC-8 LS6251800J
PC1800-6 PC1250-8 LS6252000J
PC2000 PC1250-8R LS4751300JR
PC2000-8 LS2001350J LS4751300JL
PC2000-8 LS2501500J LS4751400JR
PC3000 LS2501500J2L LS4751400JL
PC3000 LS2751675J LS4751700JR
PC3000-6 LS3001000J LS4751700JL
PC4000 LS3001000J2B LS4751950JR
PC4000 LS3001600J LS4751950JL
PC4000 LS300M256J LS5501750JR
PC4000-6 LS3501250J LS5501750JL
PC4000-11 LS3501750J LS5502200JR
PC5500 LS350M275J LS5502200JL
PC5500 LS400900J LS6251800JR
PC5500-6 LS4001175J LS6251800JL
PC600-6 LS4001200J LS6252000JR
PC600-6 LC LS4001600J LS6252000JL
PC600-7 LC LS4001600JCS LS6252200JR
PC600-7 SE LS4001750J LS6252200JL
PC600LC-8R LS4002450J LS6252400JR
PC600-8 LC LS4251475J LS6252400JL
PC700LC LS2001350JR LS3001000JL2B
PC7000-6 LS2001350JL LS3001700JR
PC750-6 LS2501500JR LS3001700JL
PC750-6 LS2501500JL LS350925JR
PC750-6 LC LS2501500JR2L LS350925JL
PC750-6 SE LS2501500JL2L LS3501250JR
PC750-7 LC LS2751675JR LS3501250JL
PC8000 LS2751675JL LS3501750JL
PC8000 LS300M257JR LS3501750JR
PC8000-6 LS300M257JL LS350M259JR
PC800-8 LC LS3001000JR LS350M259JL
PC800-8 LCMH LS3001000JL LS400900JR
PC800-8R LS3001000JR2B 10WSHX
3000906LHX (LH) 3000901HX 13WSHX
3000906RHX (RH) 3000902HX (RH) 14WS2HX
3000908HX 3000903HX (LH) CD9100BHX
3000908LHX (LH) 3000904HX WS25
3000908RHX (RH) 3000905HX 14WS3230HX
18WSHX 3000906HX 14WS32HX
350LS15 WS100L 14WSHX
WS130L WS100R WS45
WS130R WS140 WS60
WS141LL WS90 WS80

Full G.E.T Product Range for Construction and Mining Cat 988K and more CAT wheel loaders
bucket tooth
tooth locking pin
tooth adapter
bucket lip
cutting edge / blade / end bit
side cutter / side protector / side bar protector
lip shroud / lip protector / segment / half-arrow / top cover
heel shroud
wear button
wear runner
wear base
wear block
wear bar

23FC, 23-FC 230 SERIES Fabco Bucket Tooth


24F, 24-F 240 SERIES Standard Fabco style Tooth

23F 23-F 230 Series Fabricated Fabco Bucket Tip

H&L Crimp On Tip 00SPS

H&L 0SP Fabricated General Purpose Bucket Teeth

3T3S-RP 3T3SRP Keech Excavator Bucket Tip

1U3351 Bucket Tooth Short Caterpillar Style

Caterpillar Style Teeth 1U3351 9J4351 8J3351 1U1903


20KC3S Keech Digging Chisel Tooth Point

Keech Digging Teeth STD Tip Point 20KC3S

03T3TH Keech Mini Excavator Bucket Tip Double Tiger

Keech Bucket Tip 03T3TH, 03T3STT, 03T3ST