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24 02, 2017

Feurst Sidekey Teeth

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Feurst is the leader in the manufacture of high-tech teeth and tooth holders and enjoying the metallurgical Know-How of the AFE Group. With high quality products, constant innovation Feurst is the preferred choice of the most demanding professionals of the public works sector. Sidekey replacement teeth for use with Super V Adapters New Patented Range [...]

21 02, 2017

Caterpillar 416E Backhoe Loader Work Tools

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Caterpillar 416E Backhoe Loader Work Tools - Choose from a wide variety of tools designed specifically for the backhoe loader. Work Tools Caterpillar Work Tools for backhoe loaders extend the versatility of the machine. Built for performance and durability, these tools deliver high productivity, long service and excellent value. Caterpillar 416E Backhoe Loader Work [...]

20 02, 2017

Caterpillar End Bit

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Caterpillar End Bit Part No. and  fit cat model: Part Number Manufacturing Weight L W Th Holes Model 100-3131/32 45 7 10SU,10U,9SU,9U 100-3133/34 60 7 10SU,10U,9SU,9U 100-3135/36 45 7 9U,9SU,8U,8SU 100-3137/38 60 7 9U,9SU,8U,8SU 100-3139/40 50 7 8U,8SU,8A 105-0575/74 35 7 7A,7U,7SU 105-0577/76 45 7 7A,7U,7SU 1U1545/46 67.6 680 370 40 7 9U,9SU 1U4925/26 106.5 [...]

18 02, 2017

Ground Engaging Tools – dozer cutting edge

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Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) offered by us are used in different heavy equipment machinery. Ground Engaging Tools are beneficial in protecting expensive structural components and maximizing the productivity of machines. The products offered by us have longer life span. Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) that we offer are fabricated with premium quality raw material and best [...]

17 02, 2017

Single Bucket Excavator

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Single bucket excavator use a single bucket digging soil or self-ore mining machinery. It is made of the work unit, turntable and walking equipment. After the bucket is digging full, it turn to dump, and conduct periodic operations. The single bucker excavator is widely used in housing construction, road construction, hydropower construction, agricultural transformation, military [...]

14 02, 2017

Caterpillar 16M3 Motor Grader

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The 16M3 Motor Grader will have a direct impact on mine site productivity and costs. The haul road is either the mine’s greatest asset or greatest liability. When haul roads are kept in top condition, trucks live longer and run faster. Good road conditions are key on extending truck life, reducing maintenance, lowering fuel costs [...]

14 02, 2017

Caterpillar to reduce its workforce by up to 10 000 people amid restructuring

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Caterpillar news, Caterpillar to reduce its workforce by up to 10 000 people amid restructuring US-based heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar announced on Monday that it may have to retrench up to 10 000 workers by 2016 amid a restructuring and cost reduction plan. The plan, aimed at lowering operating costs by about $1.5 billion annually [...]

13 02, 2017

Cat High Abrasion Cast Cutting Edge System

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Cat High Abrasion Cast Cutting Edge System - Caterpillar ensures protection with high abrasion dozer blade cutting edges Cat High Abrasion Cast Cutting Edge System - Developed specifically for Cat D10 and D11 track-type tractors, the new Caterpillar High Abrasion Cast Cutting Edge System is built specifically for extreme, high abrasion pushing applications with low to [...]

10 02, 2017

Excavator Working Principle

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Excavator Working Principle - Excavator is a kind of fixed assets with large economic investment. In order to improve the service life of it, every excavator should be equipped with one responsible person. Excavator Working Principle In the construction site, the driver should first observe the geology of working surface and the surrounding [...]

10 02, 2017

Excavator Daily Maintenance

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Excavator Daily Maintenance - Daily inspection is to ensure that the hydraulic excavator is able to maintain the efficient operation of the important link in long term, especially for the self-employed. In addition, doing perfect daily inspection can reduce the maintenance costs. Excavator Daily Maintenance First, turn two laps around the machine to [...]

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