Caterpillar Style Teeth 1U3351 9J4351 8J3351 1U1903

  • Caterpillar Style Teeth 1U3351 9J4351 8J3351 1U1903

Caterpillar Style Teeth 1U3351 9J4351 8J3351 1U1903, J350 J Series Short Teeth, Cat Excavator Replacement Bucket Short Tooth, J350 J Series Short Centerline Tip, Cat Style Tip-Short, Excavator caterpillar spare parts bucket teeth China Supplier

Caterpillar Style Teeth 1U3351 9J4351 8J3351 1U1903 Feature:
Part No.:   1U3351 (1U1903, 8J3351, 9J4351)
Replacement Brand: Caterpillar
Material ductile iron, gray iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel
Surface hardness:470-540MM HRC
Casting Bucket Teeth
Material 1# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>15J
Material 2# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>20J
OEM are acceptable

1U3351 Bucket Teeth Caterpillar Style Tip – Short
Alternate CAT#: 8J3351, 9J4351
Uses Pin# 8E6358
Uses Lock# 8E6359
Caterpillar style short, dirt bucket tooth for a J350 series; takes a 9J2358 pin and an 8E6359 sleeved retainer
J350 J Series Short Centerline Tip
Description:J350 J Series Short Centerline Tips are designed for high impact applications requiring extreme breakout force, or short tip radius





Design: Digging Teeth are designed with a strong and robust structure, typically made from high-quality steel or other durable materials. They are shaped to effectively penetrate and break through soil, rocks, and other materials encountered in excavation work.

Usage: These digging teeth are attached to the cutting edge or lip of buckets and other digging attachments. They play a crucial role in breaking and loosening the ground, allowing the machinery to scoop and lift materials efficiently.

Durability: Digging Teeth are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They are engineered to withstand the tough conditions of construction and excavation sites, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Versatility: These digging teeth are available in various sizes and configurations to match different types of digging buckets and machinery. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from digging trenches to excavating rocky terrain.

Maintenance: Proper maintenance, including regular inspection and replacement of worn or damaged teeth, is essential to ensure the continued efficiency of the digging attachment.

Item# Name/Description Picture Item# Name/Description Picture
6Y-6221 6Y-5230  3T3S-RP 3T3SRP Keech Excavator Bucket Tip
1U-3251 2D-5572
1U-3301 5B-6251
1U-3351 H920
7T-3401 101
9W-8451 104
9W-8551 9F-5124
1U-3301 P 5k1459P
1U-3351 P
7T-3401 P 8K-9189
9W-8451 P 8K-9171
9W-8551 P 4V-0668
1U-3202 4V-3851
6Y-3222 2V-7053
1U-3302 9w8365
1U-3352 9w8365EXT
7T-3402 1U3644HX
9W-8452 1U3644HHX
9W-8552 9U9694
6I-6602 6J8814HX
4T-4702 6J8814WHX
1U-3202 P 8E1848
1U-3252 P 9J9600
1U-3302 P 1U0740
1U-3352 P 9J9539
7T-3402 P 9J9540
9W-8452 P 3S3228
9W-8552 P 4S7928
6I-6602 P 4J-8665
1U3252R 7J-3023
1U3352R 8E7300
1U-3202 TL 8E7350
1U-3252 TL 8J7210
1U-3302 TL 8J7211
1U-3352 TL 096-4747
7T-3402 TL 096-4748
1U-3452 TL 112-2487
1U-3552 TL 112-2488
6I-6602 TL 8J-9614
4T-4702 TL 8J-9615
3202THD 8J9825
3252THD 8J9826
3302THD 9J1855
3352THD 9J1856

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Product Range

Caterpillar   bucket teeth we can supply. Here are the reference note.
Part No Description Machine type Weight(kg)
1U3252 Standard Tooth J250 3.0KGS
1U3252RC Rock Tooth J250 3.3KGS
6Y3254 Tooth adapter(30mm) J250 3.9KGS
1U3302K Rock Tooth J300 4.2KGS
1U3302RC Rock Tooth J300 5.1KGS
3G5304 Tooth Adapter(40mm) J300 8.4KGS
1U3352 Standard Tooth J350 6.01KGS
1U3352RC Rock Tooth J350 7.6KGS
1U3352K Rock Tooth J350
KT320Z Tooth Adapter(40mm) J350 10.8KGS
8E9490 Tooth Adapter(35mm) J350 6.8KGS
3G8354 Tooth Adapter J350 10.8KGS
E200BCL/R Side  Cutter J300 11KGS
7T3402 Standard Tooth J400 8.6KGS
7T3402RC Rock Tooth J400 10KGS
LG450RC Rock Tooth J450 13.7KGS
6I6404 Tooth Adapter J400 13.2KGS
1U3452P Standard Tooth J450 10KGS
1U3452RC Rock Tooth J450 14.75KGS
9W8452 Standard Tooth J450 11.6KGS
9N4452 Standard Tooth J450 16.5KGS
6I6464 Tooth Adapter J450 21.3KGS
8E6464 Tooth Adapter J450 20.4KGS
E330BCL/R Side  Cutter J450 20.4KGS
9W8552 Standard Tooth J500 20KGS
1U3552RC Rock Tooth J500 23.1
6I6554 Tooth Adapter J500 33KGS
112-2489-30/35 Bucket Protector J350 16.3KGS
112-2489-40 Bucket Protector J350 16.8KGS
6I6602 Standard Tooth J600 29.3KGS
6I6602RC Rock Tooth J600 41KGS
232-0173 Tooth J700 45.2KGS
6I6604 Tooth Adapter J700 54KGS
Ground engaging tools best combination of impact and abrasion resistance
Material Impact Hardness(HRC) Work  ondition
20C > =17J 47-52 Normal  earth
movingand digging
-40C> =11J
20C> =20J 47-52 Bad and hard
-40C> =14J
Special Alloy steel 20C> =22J 47-52 Cold and
mining condition
-40C> =17J
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