Keech Bucket Tip 03T3TH, 03T3STT, 03T3ST

  • Keech Bucket Tip 03T3TH, 03T3STT, 03T3ST

Keech Bucket Tip 03T3TH, 03T3STT, 03T3ST, Keech Style Twin Tiger Bucket Teeth, Casting Bucket Twin Tiger Tip Suitable for Mini Size Excavators & Loaders, Mini Digger Standard Double Pick Bucket Teeth, Hitachi Keech style Digging Tooth Tips Assmblies, Replacement Bucket Tips Adaptor Tooth Point System, China GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Factory

Keech Bucket Tip 03T3TH, 03T3STT, 03T3ST Product Feature
Part Number:  03T3TH , 03T3STT , 03T3ST
Original manufacturer: Keech
Machine type: Excavator / Loader
Hardness 45-52HRC
Color Yellow / Black or custom

Twin Tiger Teeth are for working in harder conditions as they give you better penetration than the standard chisel teeth (5KC3S Chisel)
Also known as the 1930 ECH, ECH1930THD, 1C3ST, 5KC3STT, 5KC3ST
Pack includes 7 x 5KC3TT – Inner & Outer Pin Set.
Outer Pin Dimensions – 10mm x 45mm.
This is a very Common Tiger Tooth style in Australia and suits most Excavators, Skid Steer Loaders & Mini Loaders up to 3.5 Tonne.
Teeth Colour may vary

The “Bucket Twin Tiger Tip” is a specific type of bucket tooth design commonly used in heavy machinery, such as excavators, loaders, and bulldozers. This type of bucket tooth is known for its efficient digging and ripping capabilities, particularly in challenging soil and material conditions. Here’s an overview of the characteristics and benefits of the Bucket Twin Tiger Tooth:  1C3ST, 5KC3STT, 5KC3ST BUCKET TOOTH for MINI LOADERS & EXCAVATORS

Design: The Bucket Twin Tiger Tip features a unique design that combines the attributes of both a standard tooth and a tiger tooth. It typically has a pointed and serrated front edge resembling the shape of a tiger’s tooth, which aids in cutting through tough materials like rocks, hard soils, and compacted surfaces.

Serrated Edge: The serrated edge on the front of the Bucket Tooth enhances its ability to break up and penetrate challenging materials. The serrations create additional cutting edges, allowing for more efficient ripping and digging.

Twin Configuration: As the name suggests, the “twin” aspect refers to the presence of two pointed tips or prongs on the tooth. This twin configuration provides improved stability and penetration compared to a single-tooth design, making it well-suited for demanding excavation tasks.  Keech BUCKET TOOTH TWO TIGER 1C3ST 5KC3STT 5KC3ST

Durability:  Twin Tiger Teeth are typically constructed from high-strength, wear-resistant materials like alloy steel. This construction ensures the teeth can withstand the forces and abrasion associated with digging, ripping, and loading in harsh conditions.

Versatility: Due to their design, Twin Tiger Teeth are versatile attachments that can handle a variety of tasks, from breaking through tough surfaces to efficiently loading materials into the bucket. This versatility can lead to increased productivity and reduced downtime for machinery operators.

Application: The Twin Tiger Tip is commonly used in applications where aggressive digging and ripping are required, such as in mining, quarrying, road construction, and heavy-duty excavation projects.  5KC3STT Keech / Hitachi Roll Pin Bucket Tooth

Interchangeability: Depending on the manufacturer and equipment specifications, Twin Tiger Tip  may be compatible with various adapter systems, making them interchangeable with other tooth designs. This interchangeability adds to their convenience and adaptability on job sites.

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Product Range


OEM Part# Lock A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PIN Series Weight
5KC3TT 5KC3-PN 48 46 127 63 5KC3-PN 5KC3 0.7
03T3STT 03T3-LK 62 63 150 67 03T3-PN 03T3 1.3
04T3STT 03T3-LK 75 62 150 80 03T3-PN 04T3 1.6
07T3TT 1T3-LK 77 87 195 93 07T3-PN 07T3 2.9
1T3STT 1T3-LK 101 96 282 124 1T3-PN 1T3 6.4
20KC3TT 1T3-LK 127 99 280 129 1T3-PN 20KC3 7.7
3T3STT 3T3-LK 135 123 282 146 3T3-PN 3T3 12.4

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