Hitachi Bucket Lip Shrouds For Construction and Mining Equipment

Without lip shrouds, the main cutting edge of the bucket is exposed to constant and abrasive wear. This may lead to excessive lip wear and shorten the lifetime of the bucket lip. HCE has different types of universal weld-on lip shrouds available for the bucket of the most popular construction and mining excavators.

heavy duty excavator bucket lip shroud for construction and mining Hitachi are specially designed to achieve high output in all applications, and are available in heavy and super heavy versions for different and harsh construction and mining working conditions.

Features of A&S Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Lip Shroud For Mining Hitachi EX1900
Available for mining class Hitachi excavators
Shrouds for 90 mm bucket lips up to 140 mm bucket lips
With the hardness of at least 300 Brinell for excellent wear resistance
Several types of lip shrouds to match different applications

Hitachi Bucket Lip Shrouds For Construction and Mining Equipment

Hitachi Bucket Lip Shrouds For Construction and Mining Equipment

Popular Items for Excavator Bucket Lip Shroud For Mining Hitachi EX1900 and more Hitachi excavators
EX1900 ESCTBC150X445-1 ESCTBC100X375-1L
EX1900-5 ESCTBC150X445-2L ESCTBC100X375-1R
EX1900-6 ESCTBC150X445-2R ESCTBC100X375-2
EX1900-6 ESCTBC160X430-1 ESCTBC100X390-1A
EX1900E-6 ESCTBC160X450-1 ESCTBC100X410-1B
EX1900BE ESCTBC160X450-2L ESCTBC100X410-2LB
EX2500 ESCTBC160X450-2R ESCTBC100X410-2RB
EX2500 ESCTBC160X450-3 ESCTBC100X425-2L
EX2500-6 ESCTBC160X450-4L ESCTBC100X425-2R
EX2500-6 ESCTBC160X450-4R ESCTBC100X430-1
EX2500BE ESCTBC160X465-1 ESCTBC100X430-2L Hitachi Bucket Lip Shrouds
EX2600-6 ESCTBC160X465-2L ESCTBC100X430-2R
EX2600E-6 ESCTBC160X465-2R ESCTAC90X320-2
EX330-5 ESCTBC160X570-1L ESCTAC90X320-5
EX330-5 LC ESCTBC160X570-1R ESCTAC90X320-6L
EX3500 ESCTBC90X390-1A ESCTAC90X320-6R
EX3500 ESCTBC120X330-2RA ESCTAC90X360-1
EX3500-3 ESCTBC120X395-1 ESCTAC90X360-2L
EX3500-3 ESCTBC120X395-2L ESCTAC90X360-2R
EX3600 ESCTBC120X395-2R ESCTAC90X390-1L
EX3600 BE ESCTBC120X410-1 ESCTAC90X390-1R
EX3600-5 BE ESCTBC120X410-2L ESCTAC90X430-1L
EX3600-6 ESCTBC120X410-2R ESCTAC90X430-1R
EX3600-6 ESCTBC120X410-3L ESCTAP
EX1200 ESCTBC120X420-1 ESCTAW120X760-1 Hitachi Bucket Lip Shrouds
EX1200-5 ESCTBC120X420-2L ESCTAW135-1
EX1200-5 ESCTBC120X420-2R ESCTBC100X445-4L
EX1200-5 BE ESCTBC120X420-3 ESCTBC100X445-4R
EX1200-5D ESCTBC120X420-4L ESCTBC100X445-3
EX1200BE ESCTBC120X420-4R ESCTBC140X420-1A
EX1800-3 ESCTBC120X440-1B ESCTBC140X420-2LA
EX1800-3 ESCTBC120X440-2LB ESCTBC140X420-2RA
ESCTAC90X245-1A ESCTBC120X440-2RB ESCTBC140X490-1B
ESCTAC90X245-2RA ESCTBC120X535-3 ESCTBC140X575-1RA
ESCTAC90X270-6L ESCTBC120X535-4L ESCTAW40X440-1A
ESCTAC90X270-6R ESCTBC120X535-4R ESCTAW40X560-1
ESCTAW50X505-1A ESCTBC100X290-3 ESCTBC120X330-2LA
ESCTAW50X505-2 ESCTBC100X290-4L ESCTBC100X555-1
ESCTAW50X630-1A ESCTBC100X290-4R ESCTBC120X330-1A Hitachi Bucket Lip Shrouds

Full G.E.T Product Range for Construction and Mining  Hitachi  wheel loaders
bucket tooth
tooth locking pin
tooth adapter
bucket lip
cutting edge / blade / end bit
side cutter / side protector / side bar protector
lip shroud / lip protector / segment / half-arrow / top cover
heel shroud
wear button
wear runner
wear base
wear block
wear bar

6Y1548 6Y-1548 Caterpillar 6S 6SU D6H ROUTER BIT

6Y4411 6Y-4411 Dozer End Bit FITS Cat D6H D6R D6T RH

11G-71-31170 Komatsu D31 D37 D40 STD End Bit

5J6941 5J-6941 D4E End Bit Cutting Edge

Forged Tiger Tooth Fabco 8623-1 230T 23 Series



03T3TH Keech Style Twin Pointed Tip

4T4455 4T-4455 Dozer End Bit for Caterpillar D6H D6R

ECH 0-3THD Bucket Twin Pick Tooth

1T3STT Keech Mini Digger Twin Pick Tooth

1T3S Keech Standard Point Bucket Sharp Tip

04T3TT Keech Bucket Teeth Double Tiger

8E7078 8E-7078 End Bit Fits Caterpillar Tractor D5CIII D5K2 D3K2

07T3TT Keech Double Pick Bucket Teeth