CUTTING EDGES – Choose Your Application

We design and fabricate cutting edges, wear plates, base edges, shrouds and end bits for virtually any piece of equipment. Call us for pricing on your custom orders!


> OEM fit or custom designed
> Curved Grader Blades in 6’’, 8’’, & 10’’ wide
> Flat Grader Blades in 8’’, 10’’, 13’’, & 16’’ wide
> All Grader Edges available in Standard or Serrated
> Heat Treated or High Carbon Steel from 1/2’’ – 2’’ thickness
> Flat Tungsten Carbide impregnated Cutting Edges now available
> Full selection of Flat or Curved Wing Edges.
> Moldboard End Bits & Overlays available


> OEM fit or custom designed
> Cutting Edges made straight or cropped ofr U-Blades
> Bolt On Cutting Edges Through- Hardened from 5/8’’ – 2’’ thick
> End bits available in Hot Cupped, Level Cut or Flat


> OEM fit or custom designed
> Weld On or Botl On Cutting Edges & Segments
> Standard, Serrated or Half Arrow Segments & Cutting Edges
> Lips available in Straight Spade & Semi-Spade styles
> Bolt On or Weld On Wear & Heel Plates for buckets
> Fully heat treated Edges from 1/2’’ – 2’’ thick


> OEM fit or custom designed
> Weld On or Bolt On Cutting Edges
> Standard, Serrated or Half Arrow Cutting Edges
> Weld In Base Edges with holes for edges or straight to accept adapters
> Heat Treated Edges ffom 1/2’’ – 2’’ thick
> Weld On Bucket Wear Bars also available


> OEM fit or custom designed
> Straight Level Cut & Drop Center Cutting Edges
> Through Hardened Edges from 3/4’’ – 2’’ material


> OEM fit or custom designed
> Flat or Curved Bolt on Wear Edges
> HIgh Carbon or Heat Treated material
> Top or Center Drilled
> Flat Tungsten Carbide impregnated Edges now available

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HCEPARTS Cutting Edges Protect your investment!

Properly managing your machine's cutting-edge system helps improve productivity, reduces machine downtime, and can ultimately lead to higher returns on your investment.

HCEPARTS has a full line of cutting-edge products that can be your solution regardless of application. Choose from our line of standard carbon edges when you need to maximize your edge life.

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As a supplier of ground engaging tools HCEPARTS specializes in developing, manufacturing and providing the best quality parts for earthmoving and mining equipment.
We focus on providing GET which has a longer wear life at competitive rates for our customers. HCEPARTS supplied wear products are made from high-quality steel alloy strategically placed wear material to provide maximum wear resistance.

ISO9001 quality control systems are implemented in ourself factory to guarantee the quality of all products at all stages of manufacturing.

We seek quality in our activities, to ensure business success not only for ourselves but also for our customers.
Replacement Cutting Edges and End Pieces
High carbon, single bevel steel cutting edge
Pre-cut lengths in many sizes
Welding the end pieces create a strong, straight corner
You control the spacing of the end pieces to ensure a proper fit
Quick install
Bolt-on Reversible Cutting Edges
Greatly reduces the time required to replace the bucket cutting edge
Double-bevel flat edge can be reversed for twice the wear
High-carbon steel incorporates the long-wearing characteristics of weld-on cutting edge
Deep countersunk holes keep bolt heads from wearing
In certain applications half arrow style cutting edges have proven to be cost effective in fighting wear.
They offer extra protection of the bucket base edge, as material is beveled over the leading edge.
The steel profiles are made of weldable rolled steel and are provided with a welding bevel.
These profiles are suitable for cutting edges for snow cleaning equipment, light duty loader bucket cutting edges and for reinforcing the sides of loader buckets, small excavator buckets, etc.