White Iron Laminite Micro Ledges

  • White Iron Laminite Micro Ledges

White Iron Laminite Micro Ledges, Laminated Chrome White Iron Microledges Microleiste,  DOMITE MICRO LEDGE, White iron Laminite Micro-ledge for Chutes,hoppers,and Bins

Micro Ledges Microledges are light weight & easily installed and are designed to reduce the weight of liners for bins, hoppers, and chutes required for a specific installation. Each installation requires a layout and pattern specific to the customer’s needs.

Wear Protection Systems Microledges Features:
Designed specifically for chutes, bins, transfer points & hoppers which handle and storerne, crusher ores
When these Micro Ledges are installed in multiple rows on the substraight they create a Dead Bed/Rock Box effect. Ore gets trapped in the ledge & you then get an ore on ore wear effect virtually eliminating wear from the substraight
Light weight & easily installed to conventional liners
Weld, bolt or mechanically attached install options available
Different sizes allow for unique conagerations
Reduces the need for extra wear plate inventory on substraight walls, providing a cost effective solution
700BHN Domite reduces wear at the edge of the ledge

We are the most abrasion resistant material available combining an extremely hard chrome-white-iron wear face (700 BHN – 63 Rc) with the work ability of mild steel as a backing plate through a metallurgical diffusion bond. This creates a product that is exceptionally resistant to impact and abrasion which retaining ductile characteristics for easy attachment.

In continuous operations, equipment and installations are regularly subjected to extreme wear. Scheduled and unscheduled downtime greatly increases the costs of maintenance and lost production. In particular, areas of difficult physical access pose a tremendous health and safety risk. This coupled with the continuous drive to lower the production cost per ton requires the use of a superior abrasion resistant material.

Microledges Sizes

ITEM NO. Size(mm) Dimension N.W(kg)
HM 115 115×50 115 50 40 10 3.2
HM 127 127×50 127 50 38 12 3.6
HM 150 150×50 150 50 40 10 4.5
HM 190 190×50 190 50 38 12 5.5
HM 210 210×50 210 50 38 12 6
HM 230 230×50 230 50 38 12 6.6
HM 432 432×50 432 50 38 12 12.5

MICROLEDGE are white iron castings of different size and weight welded on 65mm x 65mm angle iron with slotted attachment holes for optimum placement in chutes.

MICROLEDGE are simple to change out for reduced downtime.

MICROLEDGE is availble in sizes to suit most applications.

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