Wheel Loader Bucket Edge

  • Wheel Loader Bucket Edge

Wheel Loader Bucket Edge, Loader Bucket Cutting Edges, Loader Spade Edges, Caterpillar Komatsu Volov Wheel Loader Edges and Blades, Weld on or Bolt on Bucket Base Edge, China Ground Engaging Tool Part

Wheel Loader Bucket Edge Feature:

Material: Carbon steel or Manganese steel
Colors: Black or Yellow or Customized
Thickness: From 16mm to 60mm, width is not limited,suitable for all kinds of machine models,domestic and foreign.
Type: Single bevel, Double bevel, Drilled double bevel, None bevel.
Technology: Heat treated,Quenching and Tempering
Hardness HRC: 16MnB:30-34 ;30MnB:38-42 35MnB:42-46
Performance: Reached international standard
MOQ: 1 piece
Delivery Time: Within 30 days

Loader Bucket edge:

8K8161,8K8162, 7V1490, 7V0904, 9V6529, 9V6572, 9R4672, 9V6574, 9V6575, 9R5313, 6W2990, 7I3015, 5V7276, 6W2989, 8K9754…

Loader Segment edge:

4T6695, 4T6699, 4T6696, 3G6395, 1U0761, 4T8091, 4T8101, 4T9123, 100-6666, 9W5737, 8E4569, 109-9019, 132-1037, 132-1033, T101639, T157306, 132-4715, 140-7601, 135-9295/9296, 9W6747…

Bolt on reversible cutting edge:

1U0593,1U0601,1U1909,1U0295,1U0762,1U1470,100-6666, 109-9212, 9W5730, 4T8101, 4T8091, 8E4567, 11082664,11157181, 11157182, 11045948, 11012887, 11011413, 11156585, 11156579, 11045947, 11045809, 11045808, 109-9212, 139-9230, 9W5737,  8E4567, 139-9230, 1U0593, 107-3746, 11082666, 185506A1, 121920A1, 112946A1, T84194…

Our advantages: We have more than 20 years experience in making cutting edges and end bits for all kinds of bulldozer and grader machines,the drawings of our products are complete. The materials we use are 16MnB,30MnB and 35MnB,if you have any special request,please let us know.all of our products are heat treated and hardened to improve the lifespan,meeting the demanding requirements of earthmoving, grader and mining applications.We are the factory,we have advantages of our price. 3,Some of the information about Bulldozer cutting edge blades for your reference,for the more information,please feel free to contact us: info@hceparts.com.

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Product Range

Model No. Base Edge Bolt on Center Edge Qty Req Bolt on End Edge Qty Req Bolt on Segment Qty Req
944, 950 8K8161 1U1465 2 1U1464 2 /
8K8162 1U1470 1 1U1469 2 /
950B, 950E,950F 5V4696 1U0601 2 4T8101 2 /
9V6573 1U0601 2 4T8101 2 4T6695 7
966C 7V0904 1U2406 2 3G6395 2 /
6W2989 1U2407 2 3G6395 2 4T6698 7
8K9754 1U2407 2 3G6395 2 /
966D, 966E,966F 7V1490 1U0593 2 3G6395 2 /
9V6575 1U0593 2 3G6395 2 4T6699 7
970 9V6575 1U0593 2 3G6395 2 4T6699 7
7I3015 1006668 2 3G6395 2 1006666 7
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