3/4 x 6 x 14 inch Excavator Weld On Cutting Edge

  • 34 x 6 x 14 inch Weld On Excavator Cutting Edge

3/4 x 6 x 14 inch Excavator Weld On Cutting Edge, Replacement Flat Single Bevel Cutting Edge, China Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge, Caterpillar Style Flat Single Bevel Blades Manufacturer

3/4 x 6 x 14 inch Excavator Weld On Cutting Edge Feature:
Type: SBF or FSB
Size: 3/4 inch X 6 inch X 14 inch
Material: 16Mn: HB350±20, 30MnB:HB460±20
Compatible Machine Models: Custom
Made in China

Caterpillar style weld on flat single bevel excavator cutting edge.  This is a FSB, flat single bevel 14 foot cutting edge that is 3/4” thick, 6” wide and 14’ in length. Weight: 180.78 lb / 82 kg

source for replacement blades and edges. We carry products ranging from 3/8” to over 3” thick available for Graders, Loaders, Dozers, Scrapers, and Excavators for all makes and models of earthmoving equipment; including CAT®, Komatsu®, Deere®, Hitachi®, JCB®, Volvo® and Case®.

Excavator Weld On Cutting Edge / bucket cutting edge
Material:High carbon steel or Boron steel
Hardness:280~320HBN or 440~520HBN
excavator bucket cutting edge , Blade,End bits…
We focus on offering bucket teeth, adapters, blades,cutting edge,end bits,power bolt and etc which applied to Construction Machinery (Excavator, dozer, grader, loader…)
– CATERPILLAR STYLE J250/J300/J400/J450/J500/J550/J600/J650…
– KOMATSU STYLE PC100/PC200/PC300/PC400/PC650…
– Esco STYLE 18S/25S/30S/35S/40S/45S…
– JCB STYLE 53103205/53103208/53103209….
– BLADE: 5D9553,5D9554,5D9558,5D9559, 4T3034,4T3007,4T3036 and so on.
– Cutting Edge
– End bits
– Power bolt and Nut
Our main market are focusing on fine quality products in the markets in North and South America, Europe, australia, as well as some africa and asia countries or regions.
Our products have a good reputation among this industry.
Once you have any requirement please feel free to contact us, we sure will be your reliable partner.

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