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Wafer Strips, Wear protection Wafer Strip Wear Blocks, laminated wear blocks, China 63HRC/700bhn High Chrome White Iron Wafer Strips Supplier

Wafer Strips – Thin and lighter than chocky bars with superior wear and impact resistance than chrome clad plate and hard facing.

This model is easy to cut and shape on spoked surfaces. It also has low weight and high hardness, ideal for buckets and wear plates.

Wafer strips is a combination of 6 mm white cast iron metallurgically bonded to a 6 mm mild steel backing plate, total 12 mm thickness, which is much thinner and lighter than chocky bars, the 1 mm deep cast notches on the wear surface allow parts to be easily cut and shaped to fit over curved surfaces. Backing plate can also be notched upon customer’s requests.

Wear protection on buckets for loaders, excavators and draglines machines, protection for the inner & outer walls of buckets
Dredging industry, dredger wear parts, suction mouths wear protection, dredger head wear protection
Chute & lip protection, Rock box edges
Fan blade liners
Recycling industry for weld-on hammer tips
Pump housings and impeller repairing
Other general wear applications

Wafer Strips A B C
Product Part Number Weight Length Width Height
Wafer Strip 25mm WS25 0.6kg 240 25 12
Wafer Strip 40mm WS40 0.9kg 240 40 12
Wafer Strip 50mm WS50 1.2kg 240 50 12

ITEM NO. Size(mm) Dimension N.W(kg)
WS 25 240x25x12 240 25 6 6 0.6
WS 40 240x40x12 240 40 6 6 0.9
WS 50 240x50x12 240 50 6 6 1.2
WS 65 240x65x12 240 65 6 6 1.6

**Other dimension or thickness of 25mm is also available against your requirement.

Following are our laminated wear blocks:
Laminated wear blocks—the most common types are:
1) Chocky bars (CB 25. CB40, CB50, CB65, CB80, CB90, CB100, CB130. CB150)
2) Standard wear bars (DLP201A, DLP 125, DLP184, DLP528, DLP619, DLP451, DLP450, DLP2230, DLP2017, DLP4, DLP919, DLP1191, DLP515, DLP200, DLP271, DLP270, DLP508, DLP115, DLP337, DLP1101, DLP343 )
3) Shaped wear bars
4) Wear buttons& donuts(WB60, WB75, WB90, WB110, WB115, WB150, DLP1920, DLP1921, DLP1994, DLP2196)
5) Shredder/Grinder hammer tips (DLP1654,90X90X50mm; DLP653,90X90X45mm; DLP1927, 90X90X55mm)
6) Bi-metallic wear plates
7) Knife edges(DLP1065-22, 203X22X50MM; DLP1265-22,305X22X50MM; DLP1065A-16, 203x16x50mm, DLP1065A-25, 203x25x62mm; DLP1265A-25, 305x25x56mm)
8) Skid bars, skid blocks(DLP412, 250x150x45mm; DLP413, 200x150x45mm; DLP414, 250x250x45mm)
9) Wafer strips, WS25, WS40, WS50, WS65;
10) Elbow wear blocks
11) Other sizes and shapes
12) Multi-function gradient cutter tooth
13) Rockbox liners
14) Micro-ledges

Casting Bucket Teeth & Adapter

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