V29AD V29ADH Replaceable Loader V-Abrasion Bucket Tooth Point

  • V29AD Loader V-Abrasion Tooth Point

V29AD V29ADH Replaceable Loader V-Abrasion Bucket Tooth Point, Esco SUPER V29 SERIES Digging Bucket Teeth Point, Excavator Auger Bucket Tip, Super V Abrasion Penetration Tooth Point, Replacement Bucket Tips Teeth System, GET PARTS SPARE PARTS China Factory

V29AD Replaceable Loader V-Abrasion Bucket Tooth Point Feature:
Part No.: V29AD / V29ADH
Replacement Brand: Esco , custom logo
Weight:  6.4 kg
Material ductile iron, gray iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel
Surface hardness:470-540MM HRC
Casting Bucket Teeth
Material 1# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>15J
Material 2# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>20J
OEM are acceptable
Standard DIN, ASTM,JIS etc
Certificate ISO9001:2008 ISO/TS16949
Weight range 1Kgs-2000Kgs

• Abrasion, Delta style FEL point. ADH is heavy-duty version.
• Ideal for highly abrasive applications where extra penetration is required.

Bucket Teeth For Excavator Good strength, penetration and wear material
Application: General excavation and loading
Low to moderate impact and abrasion
The standard offering for excavators. The design wears sharp for excellent penetration, has top and bottom ribs for strength, and plenty of wear metal.
Supplying all kinds of spare wear parts for excavators, loaders, shovels, tractors, rotary drilling rigs and other earth-moving equipment for many years.
We have an advantageous supply chain system to ensure product quality and fastest delivery.
Reasonable Spare wear Parts Solutions Reduce Costs for You.
More than 12-year of industry experience, Worth your trust.

We offers a wide variety Excavator Tooth Point of tip shapes and sizes, ensuring we have what you need for your specific application. Finding the right balance of strength, penetration and wear life is vital to choosing the tip shape for your application. V71SD Rock Chisel Bucket Teeth, V17SYL V17TYL Super V Teeth, Bucket Adapter Installation


18S 18 Tip-Standard
833-18 18 Two Strap Adapter
25S 25 Tip-Standard
3806-25 25 Two Strap Adapter
30S 30 Tip-Standard
3807-30 30 Two Strap Adapter
35S 35 Tip-Standard
3808-35 35 Two Strap Adapter
40S 40 Tip-Standard
3809-40 40 Two Strap Adapter
45S 45 Tip-Standard
3810-45 45 Two Strap Adapter
50S 50 Tip-Standard
3811-50 50 Two Strap Adapter
55S 55 Tip-Standard
3832-55 55 Two Strap Adapter
22RC10 22 Tip-Ripper
25RC12 25 Tip-Ripper
35RC14 35 Tip-Ripper

V17TYL V17
V19TYL V19
V23SYL V23
V29VY V29 Tiger
V29SYL V29
V29SHV V29
V33VY V33 Tiger
V33TYL V33
V33SHV V33
V39VY V39 Tiger
V39SYL V39
V39SHV V39  Esco 45LK Style Lock Retainer Liebherr 5934224
V39A V39
V43VX V43 Tiger
V43RYL V43
V43SHV V43
V43VX V43
V43A V43
V51VY V51 Tiger
V51RYL V51
V51SDX V51
V51SHV V51
V61VX V61 Tiger
V61RYL V61
V61SD V61
V61SHV V61
V69VX V69 Tiger
V69RYL V69
V69SD V69
V71RY V71
V81VX V81 Tiger
V81SYL V81
V81SD V81

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