Tungsten Carbide Snow Plow Blade

  • Tungsten Carbide Snow Plow Blade

Tungsten Carbide Snow Plow Blade, Spare Parts Boron Steel Blades, GET cutting edge blade tungsten carbide insert shovel snowboard, serrated snow plow blade, replacement parts boron steel cutting edge

Tungsten Carbide Snow Plow Blade Spare Parts Boron Steel Blades :
Dozer Loader Grader Bulldozer Excavator Cutting Edges and end bits
Different Types
Cutting edge:Double bevel flat cutting edge, DBF Cutting Edges,
DBF Cutting Edges ,DBF serrated cutting edge
End bit:Level cut end bit, hot cupped end bit
Part Number
Dozer Cutting edge:
7T9125,6Y5540,4T6381,7T5702,4T6659,4T2988,4T3010,9W1878, 175-70-26310,195-71-11654,144-70-11131,154-81-11191,144-920-1120,17M-71-21550,195-71-61550,T198126,T120980,T120979,T162841…
End bits:
3G8283/3G8284,8E4193/8E4194,8E4198/8E4199,9W1875/9W1876,3G8319/ 3G8320,9W8874/9W8875,8E4545/8E4546,175-71-22272/175-71-22282, 195-71-11173/195-71-11183,175-70-21136/175-70-21126/140-70-11170 /140-70-11180,T223519/T223520,T204080,T204081,U15195,12F-929-2170, 17A-71-45712/17A-71-45722,9183811/9183812…
45# High Carbon Steel Heat Treatment
30MnB Boron Steel Heat Treatment
Technique Dimension mm
Cutting Edges:13mm to 80mm.
End Bit:16-75mm
Accept customized Size
Available to Motor Graders, Bulldozers, Excavators, Loaders, Scrapers
From brands domestic and overseas
Main Business
Cutting Edges, End Bits, Curved Blades, Track Shoes, Track Link Assembly, Sprocket, Ripper Shanks, teeth,
Pallets or Cases, Standard Export Plywood

Our main products are Bulldozer, Excavator, Compactor, Motor grader, Wheel loader, Road paver and related spare parts, which meet domestic trade of more than thirty provinces, cities and municipalities, and also exported to Europe, Africa, America, Russia, etc. By virtue of our superior quality and well-deserved reputation, we won praises at home and abroad and made great contribution to get Chinese machinery out into the world. We promised to provide you with the first-class items and service, to build the first-class team, to create first-class values and to establish first-class enterprise image.

KOMATSU D575A-3 D475A-3 D375A-5 D85EX-15 D155A-5 D65PX-15 D275A-5 D65EX-16
Caterpillar D11T D10T D6G XL D11TCD D8R D6G-LGP D6T D6K
Shantui SD52-5 SD52DQ SD42-3 SD42DQ SD32 SD32 PLUS SD32W SD32-5
HBXG SD7 SD9 T140-1 T165-2 TS140 TY165-2 TS165-2 TS140
YISHAN TS160 TS160E TSY160 TY160 TSY160A TY160B T180 TSC180
ZOOMLION ZD160-3 ZD320-3 ZD160SH-3 ZD220-3 ZD160S-3 ZD160TS-3 ZD160TSH-3 ZD220S-3

Sunmach designs, develops, produces and sells wearparts for construction and mining machines. At Present, Sunmach is the largest provider for G.E.T. cutting edges in China with annual capacity of more than 26000 tons. Most of them are delivered to America, Russia, Europe, Mid-East, Australia, South America and South-east Asia. Ni-hard Wear Blade

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