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Rockbox Liners, “LAMINATED” ROCKBOX LINERS 700 HB / 63 HRC, Rock-box Liners, Wafer Chocky, Ni-Hard Wear Plates, Dump Truck Liners, Asphalt Liners, Rock Box Liners

Laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Rockbox Liners are easy to use

laminated 700 HB Wear-resistant Parts are the ideal solution for impact and high abrasion in the following industries:
Earthmoving equipment and transhipment companies
Cement plants
Dredging industry
Recycling industry
Mineral processing industry

laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear-resistant Parts benefits:
Lower operating costs
Longer Service when compared to conventional materials
Increased production
Improved product efficiency
Increased equipment availability

The Domite Trap is a rock box liner. With a range of sizes you can line a chute, ore pass or hopper with these liners, arrangement should be perpendicular to the ore/muck ow. As ore/muck gets stuck between the Domite Bars you then get ore on ore/muck on muck wear, reducing wear on the liner.

Applications laminated 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear-resistant Parts:
Chutes and liners
Suction mouth dredging industry
Protection of tunnelboring machines
Shredder tips
Protection dragheads dredging industry
Protection earth moving equipment / shovels / buckets

Rock Box liners are made from high chrome white iron and mild steel backing plate and are used to create a rock-box effect on fixed plant applications such as chutes, impact walls and hoppers. Rock Box Liners offers a very cost effective, extremely long wear life alternative.

Cost effective as you are using less wear material to cover the surface area.
Attachment is simple, via welding, bolts, studs or mechanical (via the use of the same technology as the Domite grav lock).
Mechanical attachment is great as it doesn’t require access from the back of your surface, & there is a reduction in con ned space hazards.

Cutting Edge for Komatsu Bulldozer

Item No. Size (mm) Dimension (mm) Net Weight (kg)
RL300A 300 x 300 x 50 300 300 30 10 10 50 50 28.70
RL300B 300 x 148 x 50 300 148 30 10 10 50 50 13.80
RL148A 148 x 452 x 50 148 452 30 10 10 50 50 21.10
RL148B 148 x 300 x 50 148 300 30 10 10 50 50 14.00
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