Rock Type Bucket Teeth for Hyundai Excavator 61N6-31310

  • Rock Type Bucket Teeth for Hyundai Excavator 61N6-31310

Rock Type Bucket Teeth for Hyundai Excavator 61N6-31310, Replacement Hyundai R210 Model ROCK CHISEL bucket tooth tips, Digger POINT-TOOTH, hyundai heavy equipment parts bucket teeth adapters

Rock Type Bucket Teeth for Hyundai Excavator 61N6-31310 Parameter:
Part No.: 61N631310
Description: TEETH ROCK
Brand: For Hyundai
Color: customer’s design
Weight: 6.8kg
Applied Machine: For Hyundai R210 / HY210/225
Production Method: Casting
Material: Alloy steel
Chemical Component: Please contact with our sales to know details.
Hardness: HB 470-520
Impact: ≥15J (25ºC)
Weight (min — max) 11.02 lb — 13.23 lb
Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²
Construction Machine Parts – Heavy Machinery Parts – Construction Equipment Parts – Hyundai series teeth and adapters – Excavator Wear Resistant Bucket Tooth 61n6-31310 For Earth Moving Machinery

Most of Hitachi excavator bucket teeth are designed with vertical pins to assist in reducing the force required for excavating and extending the service life of excavator buckets. As their name suggest, the bucket teeth is mainly designed for Hitachi excavators of different models. Meanwhile, to suit soil excavating and rock digging demands, we have designed different types of bucket teeth for customers in quarries and construction industry to choose from.

To ensure lifespan and reliable performance, Hitachi excavator bucket teeth should be kept in dry and ventilated places, and should be kept away from high temperature heat source. They offer good low temperature resistance, so they are ideal for working in extreme cold environments. Avoid dipping the bucket teeth in water. 6IE7-0101 Replacement Hyundai Bucket Teeth Point

We is one of the major hyundai bucket teeth manufacturers in Ningbo, China, where we are near air, sea and land transportation facilities. Our main products include john deere bucket teeth, tata bucket adapter, automobile castings, railway castings, Z sheet pile and S/L sheet pile. Our bucket teeth can be used as wheel loader bucket teeth, excavator bucket teeth, tractor bucket teeth, loader bucket teeth, skid steer bucket teeth and so on. They feature high quality, stable performance and long service life. As a result, we have received ISO9001: 2000 certification. Since our hyundai bucket teeth were launched, they have been very popular with international customers. Welcome international customers to cooperate with us.

Other bucket part for HYUNDAI Equipment

Model Part Number N.W. /kg
HY200/210 Tooth E161-3027 4.2
HY200/210 Tooth HY210 5
HY290 Tooth E262-3046 6.8
HY225-7 Tooth 6IN6-31310 7.5
HY225-9 Tooth 6IQ6-31310 7
HY280/290 Tooth E202-3046/2023046 7.2
HY280/290 Tooth E202-3046/2023046-2 7
HY305-7 Tooth 6IN8-31310 10
HY450 Tooth 6IE7-0101 10
HY200/210 Rock Tooth E161-3027RC 4.8
HY210/225 Rock Tooth 61N6-31310/XD225C 7.3
HY210/225 Rock Tooth 61N8-31310 10
HY210/225 Rock Tooth 61NA-31310 13.5
HY210/225 Rock Tooth 61NB31310 23
HY280/290 Rock Tooth E262-3046RC 7.5
HY420 Rock Tooth 61E7-0101/Y420RC 11
HY450 Rock Tooth 61E7-04610/XD450RC 9.9
HY200 Adapter E161-3017 (30mm) 7.2
HY210 Adapter HY210 (30mm) 6.5
HY280 Adapter E262-3056/2623056 13.6
HY290 Adapter E262-3027(40mm) 12
HY225-7 Adapter 6IN6-31320 10
HY225-9 Adapter 6IQ6-31320 10
HY305-7 Adapter 6IN8-31320 14
HY450 Adapter 6IE7-0100 (45/50/55mm) 14.5
HY55-60 Side Cutter 61M5-30270/XD60BC-L 3
HY55-60 Side Cutter 61M5-30270/XD61BC-R 3
HY60 Side Cutter CLZ-01-DR 3
HY60 Side Cutter CLZ-01-DL 3
HY200/210 Side Cutter 6IE3R 16
HY200/210 Side Cutter 6IE3L 16
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Product Range

KOMATSU PC60,PC100,PC200,PC300,PC400,etc. 205-70-19570RC,207-70-14151TL,


HITACHI EX70,EX120,EX200,EX300,etc. H401367HRC,H401367HRCL,EX70,ect.
VOLVO VOLVO210,VOLVO360,etc. 14530544RC,T55RC,V360TL,etc.
DAEWOO/DOOSAN DH220,DH300,DH360,etc. 2713-1217RC,2713-1219TL,2713-


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