Rock Chisel type Teeth Hyundai 61Q6-31310RC

  • Rock Chisel type Teeth Hyundai 61Q6-31310RC

Rock Chisel type Teeth Hyundai 61Q6-31310RC, Heavy Bucket Teeth Tooth Suitable For Hyundai, Hyundai Bucket Tooth Point, Excavator Bucket Teeth for Hyundai R215-9, Hyundai Tooth System, Replacement bucket adpater and teeth China supplier

Rock Chisel type Teeth Hyundai 61Q6-31310RC Specifications:
Part No.: 61Q6-31310 RC / 61Q631310 RC
Description: Teeth Rock Chisel type
Brand: For Hyundai
Color: customer’s design
Weight: 5.5 – 6.8 kg
Applied Machine: For Hyundai R215-9
Production Method: Casting
Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, etc,
Chemical Component: Please contact with our sales to know details.
Teeth : HRC48-52 ,Impact value >=16J
Adapters : HRC34-38 ,Impact value >=25J
Impact: ≥15J (25ºC)
Weight (min — max) 11.02 lb — 13.23 lb
Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²

OEM ACCEPT OEM 61Q631310 R215-9 RC Bucket Teeth Suitable For Hyundai
Weight 6.8KG
Hardness 48-52HRC
Material Alloy steel
Color customization
Manufacture Precision casting
Style Rock teeth
Certification ISO9001:2008

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66N4-30350 0.24 HYUNDAI140LC-7 (61N4-31310) pin
66N4-11150 0.04 HYUNDAI140LC-7 (61N4-31310) retainer
E161-3035 0.24 HYUNDAI210 (E161-3027)61N6-31310 pin
61E5-11150 0.04 HYUNDAI210 (E161-3027)S411-180002 retainer
E161-3035 0.32 HYUNDAI225-9 (E161-3027)67N6-31310/61Q6-31310 pin
61E5-11150 0.08 HYUNDAI225-9 (E161-3027)67N6-31310/61Q6-31310 retainer
E262-5004 0.28 HYUNDAI290 / HYUNDAI-290-7 (E262-3046)\(61N8-31310)  pin
61E5-11150 0.08 HYUNDAI290 / HYUNDAI-290-7 (E262-3046)\(61N8-31310) retainer
61E(H)7-0105 0.5 HYUNDAI360-7 (61NA-31310) pin
61EH-11150 0.08 HYUNDAI360-7 (61NA-31310) retainer
61E(H)7-0105 0.5 HYUNDAI450 (61E7-0101) pin
61EH-11150 0.08 HYUNDAI450 (61E7-0101) retainer
61E7-04620 0.5 HYUNDAI450-7/500 (61NB-31310) pin
61E7-04630 0.08 HYUNDAI450-7/500 (61NB-31310) retainer
66NB-31340 R500 0.72 HYUNDAI500 (66NB-31310) pin
66NB-31350 R500 0.12 HYUNDAI500 (66NB-31310) retainer
61EQ-30460 0.68 HYUNDAI650 (61EQ-30030) pin
61EQ-30510 0.12 HYUNDAI650 (61EQ-30030) retainer

1U3202WT,1U3202T,1U3202,1U3201,1U3201P,8J7525,4T1204,8E2184,9J4207,6Y3222,6Y3224,9N4253,1U3252T,1U3252WT,1U3251,1U3252,1U3252RC,3G4258,3G4259,3G8250,1U1254,1U0257,6I9250,6I9251,4S7928,6Y3254,9N4302,9N4303,1U3302WTL,1U3301,1U3302,1U3302P,1U3302SYL,1U3302RC,1U3302FT,1U3302TL,3G6304,3G6306,3G6305,3G5307,1U1304,1U0307,3G4309,3G4308,8E5308,8E5309,,3G8308,,3G8309,,9J4309,9J2307,9N4352,9N4353,1U3352,1U3352P,1U3352RE,1U3352WT,1U3351,4T2353,1U3352FT,1U3352RC,1U,352T,9J4359,1U1354,3G8354,3G8356,3G8355,8E5358,8E5359,1U1357,3G5358,3G5359,3G7357,7T3402TL,7T3402WT,7T3402,7T3402P,7T3402RC,8E4402,7T3402SYL,6I6404,,6I640, 6I6406, 9W2451, 9W2452,9N4452,9N4453,1U3452WT,9W8451,9W8452/1U3452,9W8452SYL,9W8452T,1U3452RC/9W8452RC,8E3464,8E6464,8E6465,8E6466,6I6464,1U3552WT,9W8,51,9W8552 / 1U3552,9W8559,9N4552,138-6552,1U3552RC,1U1553,3G9496,9W6559,1U1556,1U1555,6Y2553,PC60(2cm),B100,202-70-12140,201-70-74171 LH,201-70-74171 RH,202-70-63161LH,202-70-63171 ,205-70-74180,205-70-74190,PC220-6LR,207-70-34160,207-70-34170,BSH-B501LR/4006,21SYL,27VIP,27TVIP,27SYL,37VIP,37TVIP,37SYL,47VIP,4044339,4038210,4038223,4038,08,47SYL,2713Y1222,BF02P,AF02L,4046729,4044388,4047166,4046816,6254673,4047167,(31102),4046797,6254675,3031537(32101),4046819,6254677,3031539(33102),4046862,6254682,4046818,4046799,,3S3228,3S3225,230S,2300,2300FL, Catepillar Bucket Tooth Point Assembly 1U3302 9J2308 8E6259, 61Q6-31310RC Hyundai Bucket Tooth Point, Replacement Hyundai Excavator Rock Teeth 61Q6-31310, Rock Heavy Bucket Teeth Tooth Suitable For Hyundai 61Q6-31310


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