Replacement Parts Mining Excavator Bucket Side Cutter SWE60

  • Replacement Parts Mining Excavator Bucket Side Cutter SWE60

Replacement Parts Mining Excavator Bucket Side Cutter SWE60, VOLVO Spare Parts, 5 holes Bolt-On Wear Bucket Side Cutter Adaptor, Construction Equipment Precision Casting Bucket Sidecutters, TOOTH SYSTEM Teeth Adapter China Factory

Replacement Parts Mining Excavator Bucket Side Cutter SWE60 Features
Part number SWE60
Material Alloy steel
Type Side cutter
Size SWE60
Weight 5 kg
Process Lost wax casting
Hardness 47-52 HRC
Impact => 18J
Color Yellow, Black, Green, Gray
OEM service Workable

Product range:
1. CATERPILLAR: J200-J700, D4, D5, D6, D7,D8, D9, D10, D11
2. KOMATSU: PC60-PC1250, WA380, WB93
3. HYUNDAI: R130-R500
4. EX: 18s-45s, V17TYL-V61SYL, 18TL-30TL, 25RC12, 35RC14
5. KOBELCO: SK200, SK230, SK350
6. DOOSAN: DH55-DH420
7. H&L: 230SP, 23TL, 23WTL, 240S, 250S
8. HIRDOMEK: 81010600, 81010630, 81010640
9. BOFORS: 3031537, 4046819, 4047167, 4046797
10. TEREX: 146220M3

Features of the Doosan Select Parts
100% compatibility with Doosan Parts.
Parts warranty same as Doosan Genuine Parts (1 year/unlimited hours).
Comprehensive service and support.
World wide parts availability.
in Canada, China and the United States of America. Our products are sold through an international distribution network as well as directly to original equipment manufacturers.
Our world class design is supported by the research and development laboratory to improve and innovate our products. The production teams execute precise quality control while ensuring fast and on time delivery.specialized in developing and producing excavator bucket teeth, bucket teeth adapters, side cutters, rippers teeth, loader bucket teeth etc. Warmly welcome to visit us.
Over the years, it has always been committed to distribution sales service model, the domestic sales outlets throughout the country, the products are also exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, Europe, more than 10 regions.

Our advantages are four fold, our:
1.strong technical team, and we have the ability to formulate materials to meet the specific needs of our customer’s projects. Replacement Doosan Side Cutter DH220
2.Perfect quality monitoring system, and full range of advanced facilities, like Component analysis machine, Impact Machine, Tensile Strength machine etc.
3. Rich experience to do OEM/ODM business, we can develop items as per drawings and samples if you have specific requirement.
4. Efficient management, we can short delivery time and we have good after sale service which keep long term business cooperation with our customers.

DH55 55 L 2
DH55 55 R 2
DH130 2713-1228 L 89
DH130 2713-1228 R 89
DH220 2713-1059 L 148
DH220 2713-1060 R 14.8
DH280 2713-6034 L 16.8
DH280 2713-6035 R 16.8
DH360 713-00028L 18.9
DH360 713-00029R 18.9
DH420 2713-1241 L 27
DH420 2713-1241 R 27


Part number Measurement Description Weight/kg Model
198-78-21330 Shank protector 50.7 D475
XS152RC Bucket Tooth 64.4 XS Series
XS115SYL Bucket Tooth 35.4 XS Series
XS85T Bucket Tooth 20.9
209-70-54610 PC400 Side Cutter 28.9
206-939-3120 PC300 Tooth Adapter 13.9
PC300 PC300 Tooth Adapter 13
207-70-14151TR PC300 Bucket Tooth 7.7 PC300
205-70-19570TR PC200 Bucket Tooth 4.6
XS85RC Bucket Tooth 24
235-785-1310 Bucket Tooth
195-78-71110 Shank protector D375A
195-78-72410 Shank protector D375A
195-78-71350 Ripper teeth D375
208-70-14143 PC400 Weld on adapter 20.5
175-78-21693 Weld on adapter 105
195-78-71330 Bucket Tooth D375 A-2,A-3,A-5
21N-70-37731 PC750 Pin
21N-70-37721 PC750 Tooth
K50RC K50 Bucket teeth 18
K25RC 25 Bucket teeth 7.5
PC120 R PC120 side cutter 8
PC120 L PC120 side cutter 8
205-93-97120-40 PC200 Tooth adapter 8.4
423-84-71140 Bucket teeth 8 WA500
K40RC K40 Bucket teeth 12.6
K30RC 30 Bucket teeth 10.2
K20RC 20 Bucket teeth 4.9
423-84-71131 Tooth Adapter WA500
423-84-71121 Tooth Adapter WA500
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