Plow Bolts & Nuts

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Plow Bolts & Nuts, Plow Bolts and Nuts, Bucket Bolt, 8.8/10.9/12.9 Black Bolt and Nut, Cutting Edge Plow Bolt & Nut, Excavator Plow Bolts

Sort Name Plow Bolts Nuts
Material 40Cr
Diameter 1/2″~1-3/8″ , M10-M30
Different type
Plow Bolts and Nuts
Track Bolts and Nuts
Segment Bolts and Nuts…
Main Business
Motor Grader Blades and End Bits, Dozer Cutting Edge, Loader Bucket Edges, Excavator Cutting edge, Scraper Cutting Edge, Bucket Teeth, Bolts and Nuts, Pins&Retainer
Universal Available to all brand motorgrader/bulldozer/loader/excavator/scraper domestic and overseas
Cutting edge and end bits:PLYWOOD PALLETS;
Bucket Teeth And Adapters:PLYWOOD CASES;
Bolts And Nuts/Pins&Retainers:PLYWOOD CASES;
Payment L/C,D/P,T/T

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