Overlay End Bit 7D9999

  • Overlay End Bit 7D9999

Overlay End Bit 7D9999, Motor Grader Overlay End Bit, Construction Machinery Parts Ground Engaging Tools Overlay 7D9999 Curved edge, Boron Steel GET Cutting Edge End Bit

Overlay End Bit 7D9999 Feature:
Type: Motor Grader Blade
Material: High carbon steel, Heat treated boron steel
7D9999B -> boron steel, 7D9999C -> carbon steel
Compatible Machine Models: 14G, 16G

Caterpillar style bolt on right hand or left hand grader overlay for a 14G Caterpillar Grader. This is a double beveled reversible bucket overlay blade that is .625” thick, 9.25” wide and 23.375” in length. It takes 8 of a 3/4” X 3 1/4”(750X325) plow bolt and 8 of a 3/4”(750 HEscoNUT) hex nut.

Weight: 35.27 lb / 16 kg

Overlay End Bit Description:
Overlay End Bit for 8″ (203 mm) Curved Cutting Edge
0.75” (19 mm) Bolt Size
When worn on one side, overlay end bits can be rotated for a second wear life.
Recommended Application:
Models: 14G, 16G

Made of Heat treated boron steel for added strength and service life, end bits protect moldboard edges from wear.
Maximize moldboard life and lower repair costs. Use HCEPARTS end bits, overlays, repair plates and hardware to protect and repair your Cat moldboards and working edges.

» Fit over existing end bit
» Recommended for applications such as ditching
» Add strength and limit corner wear
» When worn on one side, overlay end bits can be rotated for a second wear life

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Product Range


Length (in): 21.80
Width (in): 9.20
Height(in): 4.00
Weight (lbs): 27.09


Length (MM): 553.72
Width (mm): 233.68
Height(mm): 101.60
Weight (kg): 12.29

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