OEM Replacement Grader Blades 3364484

  • OEM Replacement Grader Blades 3364484

OEM Replacement Grader Blades 3364484, Cat Motor Grader Cutting Edges, Caterpillar style bolt on cutting edge for motorgrader, China Professional Manufacturer Ground Engaging Tools 7ft 13 Holes Curved Grader 7d1577 120K 140M2 120M bucket Cutting, Curved Cutting Edges

OEM Replacement Grader Blades 3364484 Specifications:
Part Number: 336-4484
Replacement Brand: Cat
Type Motorgrader GET Cutting Edges

Cat motor grader cutting edges provide the best balance of abrasion and impact resistance. Both Cat cutting edges and end bits are designed as a balanced system to move more material over a longer period with less downtime. This is accomplished by providing great strength for superior breakage resistance, and by offering maximum wear protection from both bottom and face wear on the cutting edge.

Manufactured from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable cutting edges make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools.

• Impact and abrasion resistance
• High productivity in any application

• 12’ Blades
• ¾” Bolt Holes
• Developing roads
Removing holes

Old CAT #New CAT #Description 0006463B-4631COTTER 0009923B-5320COTTER .375X 3.000 000993179-1633CLEVIS PIN .625X 3.500 001054322-6629PLATE-NOSE PIECE 001213277-5555DONUT 003699322-6625(918F) SHOE AS. 003708171-4808SHOE AS.-BASE 003725171-4810HOLDER ASSEMBLY-SHOE 003775173-1172SHOE UPRIGHT 003778173-1173SHOE HOLDER 008833313-5579PLATE-WEAR (MOD. 7T-3491 C.E.) 010114336-4484EDGE-CUTTING 010131336-4483EDGE-CUTTING 011911322-6628EDGE-CUTTING 16MM/600/12000 012331285-4515CE SBF P 1.00X10.00X158.50 012751326-9824EDGE-CUTTING 012845151-1998EDGE-CUTTING 012920311-6826EDGE-CUTTING 012924142-7231CE SBF P 1.00X 8.00X 94.75 012975368-0504EDGE-CUTTING 012985329-7791EDGE-CUTTING 012986329-7790EDGE-CUTTING 012987329-7792EDGE-CUTTING 013374313-5574PIN AS. 014793217-9833SELF ALIGNING BUSHING 015592313-5577END BIT-RH 015593313-5578END BIT-LH 015753321-5053PLATE-EAR 015769285-4555BEARING 016266217-4562CORNER RH 016267217-4563CORNER LH 016278173-1190EAR 016492261-6405PIN150/946 016518241-0717HOOK ASSEMBLY-FLAT-BACK 016537170-4900TUBE 016538170-4901TUBE 0166638S-6377PIN-LOCK 016714165-5761CLAMP ASSEMBLY 016924277-5539CLAMP AS. 017878171-1296SHIM 018021137-6639CYLINDER GP-HYD 018031187-0987PLUG-NYLON 018035172-8121TUBE 018036137-6638SEAL KIT 018328313-5575PIN AS. 018393277-5542CLEVIS AS. 020143231-3344PIN ASSEMBLY 0231282R-680606-ADAP-ST- -.375STTD-.375MJIC 0233416V-074408-ARMORGUARD FOR .50HOSEXILG 0233641P-4574FLANGE-SPLIT (CODE 61 -8) 3364483 Cat Motor Grader Cutting Edges

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Product Range


Height (in): 0.47
Height (mm): 12.00
Length (in): 96.00
Length (mm): 2438.40
Width (mm): 152.40

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