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Ni-Hard Wear Plates
NiHard is a well-established white iron product alloyed with nickel and chromium to give significant abrasion and impact resistant properties. The structure of NiHard is composed of iron and chromium carbides, fixed in a matrix rendered martensitic by the nickel content. This structure allows NiHard to be utilised in abrasive and high impact conditions found throughout the construction, mining, manufacturing and mineral processing industries.

Our NiHard products include billets and liner plates that can be made to the customers’ specification or supplied from our range of stock sizes. Our NiHard products can be custom designed to meet any situation regardless of any size and shape concerns. We can also supply cut and shaped liners to be strategically placed on fixed plant equipment so that a unique wear package can be created, maximising wear life. This makes NiHard the perfect material for chutes, drop boxes, bin and hopper liners.

We primarily supplies cast billet and liner plates produced to the NiHard 4 specifications.

However, we can produce billets and liner plates from the following alloys on special request:

> NiHard 1 & 2

> 27 Chrome Alloy

> 15/3 White Iron


1. Other sizes can be made on request.

2. Liners can be cut to size on request.

3. Bolts/Nuts/Washers are available on request.

4. Holes are to suit M20 fishtail bolt

Ni-Hard is a white cast iron, alloyed with nickel and chromium suitable for low impact, sliding abrasion for both wet and dry applications. NiHard is an extremely wear resistant material, cast in forms and shapes which are ideal for use in abrasive and wear environments and applications. NiHard castings are produced with a wear resistant minimum of 550 brinell hardness, hard white cast iron containing 4% Ni and 2% chrome, used for abrasive resistant and wear resistant applications in the following industries:

Earth Handling
Manufacturing Industries
And many, many others
Ni-Hard parts and components extend the life of products when compared to other cast iron or mild steel cast components.

Ni-Hard castings are typically used in power generation, brick, asphalt, cement, concrete, rock, sand and gravel industries. Typical castings are mill or mixer liners, mixer tips and slurry pumps.
Ni-Hard ASTM A532 Type 1, Type 2 and Type 4

Customized Dimension Excavator Single Bevel Flat Blade

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