Miniexcavator Track Roller for CAT 303E CR

  • Miniexcavator Track Roller for CAT 303E CR

Miniexcavator Track Roller for CAT 303E CR , Heavy Duty Track Roller CATERPILLAR Friction Welding Bottom Track Roller, Caterpillar Dozer Excavator Track Rollers, Dozer Undercarriage Parts, flanged track roller, bulldozer track rollers, Replacement Cat style Roller Carrier, Undercarriage Parts, OEM Earthmoving Spare Parts Bottom Roller Track Rollers for Caterpillar supplier from China

Miniexcavator Track Roller for CAT 303E CR Detail Information

Machine CAT
Model 303E CR
Product Bottom / Track Roller
Quantity Per Machine 8
Weight 6kg

Guaranteed to fit the CAT CAT 303E CR , our Bottom Rollers are the ideal choice for all operators looking for quality and value
Heat treated steel casing
Sealed shaft and bearings
Oil filled
Heavy duty seals

This maintenance free Bottom Track Roller fits the Caterpillar CAT 303E CR, Mini Excavator and is manufactured to OEM specifications for a guaranteed perfect fit. Made of hardened steel, the bearings are completely sealed to protect this track roller from foreign debris for worry free operation. The Part Number for the Caterpillar 303CR Bottom Roller Assembly is: 2668793, 266-8793

Material:50Mn Steel
Quality:Heat Treatment HRC 40-55
Color:Black Or Yellow
Warranty Time:12-18 Months
Shipment:By Air, Ship
Package:Export Packaging
High Light:flanged track roller, bulldozer track rollers

The Caterpillar 302.5 takes six track rollers, but the 303.5 and 303CR require eight track rollers. These Caterpillar track rollers do not come with the 10mm bolts required for installation.
This is a single flange roller that is 4 3/4 inches in diameter when new.
We offer same day shipping at no extra charge.

Idler 140-4009 or 172-2017 (must verify serial and specs)
Top Roller 146-6064
Bottom Roller 185-7280

This maintenance free Bottom Roller was made of the highest quality hardened steel with sealed bearings to protect them from foreign debris, manufactured to exact OEM specs providing you dependable service while operating in the most extreme conditions.

The HCE PARTS undercarriage product line serves both the heavy equipment and industrial markets with rubber track machinery such as Excavators, Mini Excavators, Compact Track Loaders, Mini Skid Steers, and Mini Dozers. We offer one of the most dependable complete range of Rollers, Drive Sprockets, and Idler Wheels in the industry.   MINI EXCAVATOR Track Roller For Cat 303.5C Cr  CAT  Caterpillar style Bottom Roller   2668793 Caterpillar 303.5D CR Single Flange Bottom Roller

It is a mechanism that allows vehicles to move using tracks. They increase the contact surface of the vehicle with the ground – reduce the unit pressure and improve the road passability. The caterpillars are of course used in excavators, but also in tanks, bulldozers and armored personnel carriers. In general, tracks are used on machines that maneuver over unrestrained surfaces. The basic track system consists of an endless track belt which surrounds the load wheels. Most designs include a track drive wheel and a guide wheel separately. Additionally, support rollers as well as a tension wheel can be used.Caterpillar Track Roller Excavator Track Bottom Roller For Cat 303.5C Cr

The figure on the right shows a diagram of an example of a caterpillar track system:

1. track roller
2. carrier roller
3. front idler
4. sprocket
5. track link
6. final drive

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Product Range


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CAT Bottom Rollers Choose Model

CAT 307


CAT 302.5

CAT 303 CR

CAT 305 CR



CAT 312B

CAT 304 CR

CAT 302.5C

CAT 315F L

CAT 305.5E CR

CAT 301.7D

CAT 302.4D

CAT 314E L

CAT 314D L



CAT 313F

CAT 313D

CAT 313C

CAT 313B

CAT 313

CAT 312E L

CAT 312E

CAT 312D L

CAT 312D

CAT 312C L

CAT 312C

CAT 312B L

CAT 312

CAT 311E L

CAT 311E

CAT 311D L

CAT 311D

CAT 311C



CAT 305.5D CR



CAT 304.5


CAT 303.5E CR

CAT 303.5D CR

CAT 303.5C CR

CAT 303.5

CAT 302.7D

CAT 300.9D

CAT 307C

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