Long Bucket Teeth Point for Loaders MG55L

  • Long Bucket Teeth Point for Loaders MG55L

Long Bucket Teeth Point for Loaders MG55L, MTG Diggers bucket tooth-adapter system, Heavy Construction industries KingMet Revolutionary Tooth and Adapter System, Replacement MTG loader excavator teeth and adapters China Factory

Long Bucket Teeth Point for Loaders MG55L
(A) LENGTH: 14.33 ”
(B) POINT WIDTH: 5.94 ”
(C) POINT HEIGHT: 0.16 ”
(D) EAR TO EAR WIDTH: 5.79 ”

• clamshell
• cleaning
• loose and low abrasion (blasted limestone)
• Other Terrains

L Design (Long) for loaders on loose terrains or pre-exploded stone quarries where there is not a high level of abrasion. For cleaning jobs we recommend that it be mounted with a FC adapter (Flush central), so that the bottom surface is flush with the blade.

Faster and easier tooth changing
The locking system is comprised of a vertical pin that reduces any possible side interference’s. The vertical pin is made up of two parts:

• The body of the pin, made of the highest-quality steel in order to give it optimal resistance and make reuse possible.
• The retainer, which is made of two components united as a single piece: Elastomet, which gives it elasticity and flexibility, and compact polyurethane. Revolutionary Extra Bucket Tooth for Diggers MG55E
• The combination of a resistant, reusable body and an elastic, flexible pin provides great ease of assembly and, in turn, the maximum reliability and guarantee in the proper operation of the MTG Systems KingMet fixing system.

Since the system has a vertical pin, less effort is needed to insert or remove it. The vertical pin does not interfere with other elements of the bucket (protectors, etc.). MTG System Flared Bucket Teeth  MTG Heavy Construction Abrasion Bucket Teeth Abrasion Style Replacement MTG Loader Tooth

Characteristics of the pin
• The pin body, made of the highest quality steel to afford it the optimal resistance that permits reuse.
• The retainer, consisting of two components, ElastoMet, which provides elasticity and flexibility, and compact polyurethane, together in a single piece.

E Design (Extra) for diggers on loose terrains and particularly abrasive pre-exploded stone quarries that require good penetration. KingMet Tooth and Adapter System, Heavy Duty Bucket Tooth for Loaders MG55H

• compact and abrasive (granite or silicate rock)
• loose and abrasive (gravel)

P Design (Penetration) for excavators on compact terrains that produce a lot of abrasion and impact and where a high level of penetration is required. Particularly for applications in pre-exploded stone quarries.
• compact and abrasive (granite or silicate rock)
• compact and low abrasion (not blasted limestone)
• demolition

Greater security
MTG Systems StarMet built-in innovative locking solution MTGtwist. KingMet Bucket Tooth Point for Excavators and Loaders MG55I
This innovative solution offers:
When changing the teeth:
• Safety: No possibility of impact accidents due to flying metal particles.
• Ease: Tooth changing effort lower than using a hammer.
• Easier to use: One person can change the tooth

When working:
• Safer retention: Tried and tested system offering excellent retention, preventing tooth loss.
• Re-usable pin: The pin is rugged and does not suffer during assembly and disassembly. It can be re-used in most cases.

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