Loader Segment Protection 1073530 1073531 1073532

  • Loader Segment Protection 1073530 1073531 1073532

Loader Segment Protection 1073530 1073531 1073532, CAT Wheel Loader Cutting Edges, Caterpillar Replacement Bolt-On Segment Edge Protection, Reversible Segment End Edges Wear, Spade Base Edges China Supplier

Loader Segment Protection 1073530 1073531 1073532 Feature:
Part No.: 1073530
Length (in): 16.1
Thickness(in): 1.96

Part No.: 1073531
Thickness(in): 1.96
Length (in): 17.7

Part No.: 1073532
Thickness(in): 1.96
Length (in): 17.7

Type: Segment Edge Protection
Material: High carbon steel or Boron steel
Compatible Machine Models: CAT Loader
Made in China

Segment Edge Protection
They are ideal for moving re-handled materials with medium impact and medium abrasion.
Cat segments give you more leading edge wear material, extending life and reducing your investment in piece parts. Reversible segment creates more leading edge wear material, reducing piece parts. Segments each have a separate center, as well as separate left-hand and right-hand profiles to account for spade base edges.

Loader Segments Edges
Maximize the productivity of your wheel loader with our loader segments
✓ Work on any material under the toughest conditions
✓ Protect the leading edge
✓ Improve penetration
✓ Increase bucket capacity

Properly managing your machine’s cutting-edge system helps improve productivity, reduces machine downtime, and can ultimately lead to higher returns on your investment.

Replacement Half Arrow Edge Protection

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