Laminated 700HB Wear Button 90mm

  • Laminated-700HB-Wear-Button-90mm

Laminated 700HB Wear Button 90mm WB90, Domite Wear Button, Chromium White Iron Wear Button, Wear Buttons & Donuts, 700 HB / 63 HRc Wear-resistant Parts, Laminated Wear Buttons, Anti-wear protection chromium molybdenum white iron wear donuts laminated wear parts made in china OEM 700BHN China supplier

Laminated 700HB Wear Button 90mm Description
Part No.: WB90
90mm (3 1/2″ diameter) wear button, 700 brunell high chromium white iron with a weldable mild steel backing plate; This wear button is 1.19″ tall, .78″ thick of white iron and .39″ thick of the mild steel backing plate.
Weight 2.6 lb / 1.18 kg
Wear Buttons & Donuts are easy to use and install in applications ranging from specific wear protections on buckets and GET for loaders, excavators and draglines, to  conveyor transfer points and chutes.

We are a casting manufacturer specialized in high chrome carbide domite wear parts(15/3CrMo,700BHN-63HRC) and overlay wear plates!
Wear buttons & Wear Donuts are designed specifically for easy and adaptive installation onto a wide range of wear problem areas. They are available in various sizes and can be used in a combination of lengths to create optimum layouts that provide the greatest wear protection in mobile and fixed situations.

Typical products, domite wear buttons
Chocky bars Standard wear bars Knife edges
Wafer strips Wear buttons& donuts Skid bars
Wear plates Shredder hammer tips Shaped wear bars
overlay wear plates cutter tooth custom made products

Chocky bars & Wear buttons are the newest applied parts which used on protecting buckets to a long life, Parts are bonding by vacuum brazing furnace by two different materials. Top material had hardness of BHN650 Min. to guarantee the good wear resistant then make the bucket had a long life and down material is mild steel plate which had good welding properties on buckets, Whilst, Bar Bottoms with 40mm(1-9/16”) spacing grooves will easy for customer to cut the bars based on different bucket position sizes, Simple hand welding method can help customer to save more cost and time on buckets’ repair and reproduce.

Product Benefits:
Lower operating costs
Longer Service when compared to conventional materials
Increased production
Improved product efficiency
Increased equipment availability

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  • Worldwide Delivery
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Product Range

Wear Buttons:
ITEM NO. Size(mm) Dimension N.W(kg)
WB 60 60×27 60 27 17 10 0.7
WB 75 75×27 75 27 17 10 0.9
WB 90 90×27 90 27 17 10 1.4
WB 110 111×32 110 32 20 12 2.1
WB 115 115×32 115 32 20 12 2.5
WB150 150×41 150 41 25 16 5.7
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