Komatsu Style Ripper Bucket Tooth 141-78-11253

  • Komatsu Style Ripper Bucket Tooth 141-78-11253

Komatsu Style Ripper Bucket Tooth 141-78-11253, Standard Bucket Ripper Tooth, Bucket Teeth Systems with a 175-78-21810 pin, Loader Excavator Bucket Tooth Point System, Replacement Komatsu Style Normal Weld Bolt On Side-Pin Ripper Bucket Tips China Supplier & Factory

Komatsu Style Ripper Bucket Tooth 141-78-11253 Feature:
Part No.: 141-78-11253
Replacement Brand: Komatsu
Material ductile iron, gray iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel
Surface hardness:470-540MM HRC
Style: Ripper Tooth
Material 1# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>15J
Material 2# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>20J
Casting Bucket Teeth
OEM are acceptable

Komatsu style ripper bucket tooth, takes a 175-78-21810 pin
Weight  5.95 lb / 2.7 kg

Bucket teeth(tooth points, tooth pin, tooth adapter) for the following KOMATSU excavators and loaders are supplied here.

PC1000-1 LC PC1000-1 SE PC1100-6 PC1100-6 LC PC1250-7 PC1250-7 LC PC1250-8 PC1250-8
PC1250-8 LC PC1400 PC1500-1 PC1600-1 PC1800-6 PC2000-8 PC200-5 PC200-6 LC PC200-8 HD PC210-5 PC210-6 PC220-3 PC220-3 LC PC220-5 PC220-5 LC PC220-6 LC PC220-7 LC PC220-8 LC PC228-3 USLC PC240-3 PC240-5 PC240-6 PC240-6 HLC PC240-6 LC PC250-6 LC PC270-6 LC PC270-7 LC PC270-8 LC PC280-3 LC PC290-6 LC PC290-6 NLC PC3000 PC300-3 PC300-5 PC300-5 HD PC300-5 LC PC300-6 PC300-6 HD PC300-6 LC PC300-7 HD PC300-7 LC PC300-8 HD PC300-8 LC PC308-3 USLC PC340-6 PC340-6 LC PC340-6 NLC PC350-6 PC360-5 PC360-C LC PC380-6 LC PC4000 PC400-3 PC400-3 LC PC400-5 PC400-5 HD PC400-5 LC PC400-6 PC400-6 HD PC400-6 LC PC400-6 LCSE PC400-7 LC PC400-8 LC PC450-6 PC450-6 LC PC450-6 LCD PC5500 PC5500 PC600-6 PC600-6 LC PC600-7 LC PC600-7 SE PC600-8 LC PC60-5 PC60-5 U PC60-6 PC60-7 PC60-7B PC650-1 PC650-3 PC650-3 LC PC650-5 PC650-5 PC650-5 LC PC650-5 SE PC750-6 PC750-6 PC750-6 LC PC750-6 SE PC750-7 LC PC8000 PC800-8LC PC800-8LCMH PW200-7 PW220-7 W260-1 WA1200-3 WA1200-3HL WA480-5 WA500-1 WA500-3 WA500-6 WA600-1 WA600-3 WA600-6 WA700-1 WA700-3 WA800-1 WA800-2 WA800-3 WA899-3 WA900-1 WA900-3 …

KOMATSU WA900 Bucket Teeth
TOOTH POINT 427-70-13941
PIN 427-70-13891
TOOTH ADAPTER 427-70-13911

KOMATSU PC1250 Bucket Teeth
Bucket tooth 21N-70-37721
Bucket tooth 70SV2RX
Tooth Point HLXS115RC
Tooth lock pin HLXS115PC
Adapter (Corner) HL90XS115CC
Adapter (Centre) HL350XS115
Guard 427-70-13611
Pin 21N-939-3330
Shim (01mm) 209-939-7110
Shim (0.5mm) 209-939-7120

KOMATSU PC600 Bucket Teeth
21M-939-2281 tooth with pin

KOMATSU PC450-7 Bucket Teeth

Komatsu PC200 – 7 Bucket Teeth
1) Teeth Points – 205 – 70 – 19570
2) Pins – 09244 – 02496
3) Sprockets – 20Y – 27 – 11582
4) 205 – 70 – 74180 – ( Left ) – S/Cutters
5) 205 – 70 – 74190 – ( Right ) – S/Cutter
6) 176 – 32 – 11210 – Bolt ( SCutter )
7) 01803 – 02430 – Nuts ( S/Cutters )
8) 20Y – 32 – 11141 – Track Bush
9) 20Y – 32 – 11171 – Master Bush
10) 20Y – 32 – 31150 – Track Pins

207-70-14151 BUCKET TOOTH PC220

Komatsu PC400 Bucket Teeth
208-70-14152/208-70-14152TL ( Tooth Bucket ) Komatsu PC400-7 11.3kg
0924403036 ( Pin Tooth ) Komatsu PC400-7
XS50TV ( Tooth Bucket ) Komatsu PC400-8 + Pin Tooth
208-934-6110 bucket
208-934-6112 bucket

KOMATSU PC300 Bucket Teeth
XS40TV ( Tooth Bucket ) Komatsu PC300-8 + Pin Tooth
207-70-14151 PC300-7 BUCKET TEETH
207-70-14151 PC300-7 BUCKET TEETH
09244-02516 PC300 BUCKET PIN
207-70-142802 Teeth
Pin 09244-02516 PC300-8 Komatsu – Backhoe
Side cutter 207-70-74180 KOMATSU PC300
Side cutter 207-70-74190 KOMATSU PC300

Apart from bucket teeth for excavators and loader, we also supply ripper teeth for KOMATSU bulldozers.
D155X-6, D475A-5, D475A-5, D375A-6, D50, D60, D65, D80, D85, D355, D275…

Bucket Tooth Types
Bucket Teeth Systems
Spirally Vertical-pin bucket teeth
Side-pin bucket teeth
One-piece excavator teeth systems
Bolt-on bucket teeth
Weld-on bucket teeth
Normal / Standard bucket teeth
Rock Type bucket teeth
Heavy Duty bucket teeth

Ripper teeth, Abrasion Bucket Tooth, Komatsu Bucket Rock Chisel Tooth, Komatsu Conical Dirt Bucket Tooth

Bucket tooth Features:
Superior designs
Excellent wear-resistant materals
Different kinds of tooth system for selection
Fit for all applications, including earth, sands, limestone, gold mines and hot slag
Best choice for value

The bucket tooth system for KOMATSU machines is a available for small utility machines up to large mining shovels. A full selection of tooth and adapter styles will fit all popular KOMATSU machines and applications.

Bucket teeth for the following machines are also supplied:
CAT, CASE, KOMATSU, HITACHI, VOLVO, HYUNDAI, TEREsco, XCMG, SHANTUI, Liugong, XGMA excavators/loaders/bulldozers

If any interest in our bucket teeth for KOMATSU exacators/loaders/bulldozers, please inquire for more. We’re glad to help. Komatsu Style Abrasion Bucket Tooth, Bucket Rock Chisel Tooth, Komatsu Tiger Bucket Tip, komatsu tiger tip, Komatsu Style Ripper Bucket Tooth

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