Komatsu Rock Penetration Tooth System K50RP1

  • Komatsu Rock Penetration Tooth System K50RP1

Komatsu Rock Penetration Tooth System K50RP1, K-Max Excavator Tips, Komatsu Digger Bucket Standard Tooth, Replacement Hensley Tooth System, KMAX Bucket Teeth Point, Excavator bucket teeth adapter ripper tooth excavator heavy duty bucket tooth China Supplier

Komatsu Rock Penetration Tooth System K50RP1 Features:
Part No. K50RP1
Type: Replacement K-Max series
Material 50Mn,35Mn
Surface Hardness HRC52-58
Color Black or Yellow
Machine type Bulldozer ,Excavator ,Crane
Warranty 2000 hour
Technique Froging/Casting
MOQ 50 pcs for trial order
Hardness Depth 5-10mm
Packing Standard export fumigated wooden pallet

China supplier excavator replacement accessories GET spare parts bucket teeth, Excavator bucket teeth adapter ripper tooth excavator heavy duty bucket tooth
Material:Carbon steel, Alloy steel,etc, such as T1,T2,T3,T4.
Machine type:Excavator, Loader,Bulldozer,etc.
Brands: Caterpillar, Komatsu, JCB,Kobelco, Volvo, Esco ,Hyundai,Daewoo,Hitach,John Deere ,Case etc
Heattreatment:Quenching and tempering treatment
Teeth : HRC48-52 ,Impact value >=16J
Adapters : HRC34-38 ,Impact value >=25J
Work condition:With excellent elongation and tensile strength,suitable for many different hard working conditions. Bucket Teeth K-Max Excavator Tips K50SYL

Excavator Brand Model Number
K OMASTU PC60;PC100;PC200;PC300;PC400;PC500;PC650
HITACHI EX70;EX120;EX200;EX300;EX330
KOBELCO SK60;SK100;SK100;SK200;SK300;SK350;SK400
DOOSAN DH55;DH150;DH220;DH300;DH360;DH420;DH700
VOLVO EC210;EC250;EC360;EC700
HYUNDAI R55;R60;R130;R150;R200;R220;R450

Komatsu Digger Bucket Teeth Heavy-Duty Komatsu Style Sharp Tooth System, Komatsu Rock Penetrator Teeth Point
K15RC K15T K15SYL K15RP2 K2025M15
K20RC K20T K20SYL K20RP2 K1030M20
K25RC K25T K25SYL K25RP2 K1040M25
K30RC K30T K30SYL K30RP2 K1045M30
K40RC K40T K40SYL K40RP2 K120040
K50RC K50T K50SYL K50RP2 K1060M50
K70RC K70T K70SYL K70RP2 K1070M70
K85RC K85T K85SYL K85RP2 K1080M85
XS115RC XS115T XS115SYL XS115RP2 350XS115
XS145RC XS145T XS145SYL XS145RP2

Komatsu takes care of every aspect of your machine. That includes offering the most advanced, most reliable and best fitting parts to optimize machine performance and lower your total cost of operation. We also offer the highest expertise on parts and complete machines, helping you maintain outstanding productivity levels and the high value of your Komatsu machine.

The Replacement Kmax tooth system is another example of our commitment to helping you get the most from your machine. The most efficient solution for all digging applications, Kmax optimizes bucket performance and makes changing teeth quick and easy.

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