Komatsu Rock Penetration Bucket Teeth K25RP2

  • Komatsu Rock Penetration Bucket Teeth K25RP2

Komatsu Rock Penetration Bucket Teeth K25RP2 Komatsu Parts Rock Penetrator Tooth, Replacement Komatsu Hensley Tooth System, DIGGER BUCKET TEETH for Komatsu loader, KMAX Bucket Teeth System Teeth Point, excavator bucket teeth, bucket tips, bucket tooth and adapter for sales China Supplier

Komatsu Rock Penetration Bucket Teeth K25RP2 Bucket teeth and adapter SPECIFICATIONS
Name Construction machinery parts bucket teeth for excavator, loader
Material 50Mn,35Mn
Surface Hardness HRC52-58
Color Black or Yellow
Machine type Bulldozer ,Excavator ,Crane
Warranty 2000 hour
Technique Froging/Casting
MOQ 50 pcs for trial order
Hardness Depth 5-10mm
Packing Standard export fumigated wooden pallet

We produce various kinds of construction machinery parts, like: hydraulic breaker, bucket assy, undercarriage, track roller, carrier roller, sprocket, idler,steel track assy, rubber track assy,track shoe, track link assy, teeth and adapter, side cutter, blade and edge, pump and so on.

Komatsu bucket teeth Kmax
K15RC K15T K15SYL K15RP2 K2025M15
K20RC K20T K20SYL K20RP2 K1030M20
K25RC K25T K25SYL K25RP2 K1040M25
K30RC K30T K30SYL K30RP2 K1045M30
K40RC K40T K40SYL K40RP2 K120040
K50RC K50T K50SYL K50RP2 K1060M50
K70RC K70T K70SYL K70RP2 K1070M70
K85RC K85T K85SYL K85RP2 K1080M85
XS115RC XS115T XS115SYL XS115RP2 350XS115
XS145RC XS145T XS145SYL XS145RP2

1. Bucket Teeth Material Available: Carbon steel, Alloy steel(high Manganese steel, high Chromium steel, etc)

2. Moulding processing Available: Green Sand or Resin Sand Casting.

3. The bucket teeth are under Quenching and tempering treatment. Our bucket teeth have good physical
Performance and can be used for a long time.

4. The whole process from casting to heat treatment is strictly inspected by our professional workers to ensure the quality. The hardness of our Bucket Teeth & Adapters are up to HRC48-53, with excellent elongation and tensile strength, so very suitable for many different hard working conditions. K25RC Komatsu Rock Chisel Teeth for Penetration

5. Our products are being exported throughout the world. Our sales volume increasingly grows and our products have gained many customers’ recognition for high quality. We export to North- America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle- East, Asian areas and countries.

Main Features
– Fully automated production, machine-controlled at each step. High production efficiency with stable quality
More environmentally friendly, No Extra paintball
More Safe, No Fire hazard
Improve work efficiency
Not affected by rainy Seasons
New techology More easy for worker

Material:: Low alloy steel
Techniques:100% Hot-die Forging Bucket Teeth
Color: Yellow, Gree or Specify Colors
Hardness:48-52 HRC
Packing:Standard wooden case or custom make as per required
How to purchase: Just send us your inquiry list from Alibaba or by mail or SKYPE, we will quote best price to you immediately.: )
High Quality for Hitachi excavator bucket teetH, KMAX Bucket Teeth Point System Komatsu Parts K20RP2

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