Komatsu Loader Non-symmetric Tooth for Rock Applications K30RP1

  • Komatsu Loader Non-symmetric Tooth for Rock Applications K30RP1

Komatsu Loader Non-symmetric Tooth for Rock Applications K30RP1, Heavy-Duty Standard Teeth, Replacement Komatsu Hensley RP (Rock Penetrator) tooth, KMAX tooth system, general-purpose teeth point, excavator loader bucket teeth, bucket tips China factory

Komatsu Loader Non-symmetric Tooth for Rock Applications K30RP1 SPECIFICATIONS
Name Construction machinery parts bucket teeth for excavator, loader
Material 50Mn,35Mn
Surface Hardness HRC52-58
Color Black or Yellow
Machine type Bulldozer ,Excavator ,Crane
Warranty 2000 hour
Technique Froging/Casting
MOQ 50 pcs for trial order
Hardness Depth 5-10mm
Packing Standard export fumigated wooden pallet

Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) – Kmax Tooth System
Notched corner adapter The notched corner adapter is easy to weld in the corners of the bucket. It provides a clean cut at the bucket sides.
Adapters L & T-shape corner adapters The ‘L-shape’ corner adapter is a non-symmetrical, heavy-duty corner adapter for tough applications. The ‘T-style’ corner adapter is a symmetrical, very heavy-duty corner adapter for very tough applications. One style fits both left and right corners.
Straddle corner adapter Straddle corner adapters can be welded in after completing the bucket shell. This saves time and money, and provides a stronger solution. These symmetrical adapters fit both left- and right-side corners.

Optimized Applications RC (Rock Chisel) tooth RC is a heavy-duty tooth for standard to tough applications.
SYL (Sharp, ribbed) tooth SYL is a general-purpose tooth for all standard applications.
T (Tiger) tooth T is a very pointed tooth that can be used where increased penetration is needed, for example, in compacted or frozen materials.
WT (Twin Tiger) tooth WT is a double-pointed tooth that provides clearance at the bucket sides. It can be used together with the T-style tooth. It can also be used at all adapter locations for scraping applications.
UT (Twin Tiger ‘U’) tooth UT is a double-pointed tooth that features an extra long lifetime.
Teeth F (Flare) tooth F is a wide tooth for loading soft materials.
TV tooth TV is a sharp tooth that can be used for scraping work, when wear is concentrated at the tip of the tooth.
BPS tooth BPS is a double-rib tooth with increased resistance to breakage.
RP (Rock Penetrator) tooth RP is a non-symmetric tooth for rock applications and is used on loaders. It has extra steel on the bottom and works well with segments between the adapters.
RPX tooth RPX is a non-symmetric heavy duty quarry tooth for loaders. It features a special distribution of the wear metal to provide extra wear life.

We produce various kinds of construction machinery parts, like: hydraulic breaker, bucket assy, undercarriage, track roller, carrier roller, sprocket, idler,steel track assy, rubber track assy,track shoe, track link assy, teeth and adapter, side cutter, blade and edge, pump and so on. Heavy-Duty Komatsu Style Sharp Tooth System K30RC

Komatsu Digger Bucket Teeth Heavy-Duty Komatsu Style Sharp Tooth System
K15RC K15T K15SYL K15RP2 K2025M15
K20RC K20T K20SYL K20RP2 K1030M20
K25RC K25T K25SYL K25RP2 K1040M25
K30RC K30T K30SYL K30RP2 K1045M30
K40RC K40T K40SYL K40RP2 K120040
K50RC K50T K50SYL K50RP2 K1060M50
K70RC K70T K70SYL K70RP2 K1070M70
K85RC K85T K85SYL K85RP2 K1080M85
XS115RC XS115T XS115SYL XS115RP2 350XS115
XS145RC XS145T XS145SYL XS145RP2

Kmax is sharper
Kmax is the only tooth system with a rounded profi le, an extended shape and very smooth tooth-toadapter transitions. This produces a very slim system that cuts easily through any material. The extended shape keeps the teeth sharp much longer. And the slim adapter profi le reduces material build up around the adapter.

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