Komatsu Front End Loader End Bit 12Y-72-11210

  • Komatsu Front End Loader End Bit 12Y-72-11210

Komatsu Front End Loader End Bit 12Y-72-11210, Komatsu Loader End Bit Cutting Edge, 12Y7211210 Komatsu style bolt on end bit for a Komatsu Front End Loader, BULLDOZERS D51EX/PX Komatsu End Edge, Chinese G.E.T Supplier, Replacement Bolt On Edge End Bits China Factory

Komatsu Front End Loader End Bit 12Y-72-11210 Feature:
Komatsu Part No.: 12Y-72-11210 / 12Y7211210
Type: Bulldozer / Loader END BIT
A 380 MM
B 203 MM
C 25 MM
Hole 4
Bolt 3/4 (~19MM)
Carbon or boron steel HB 500
Compatible Machine Models: Komatsu Bulldozer
Made in China

Komatsu style bolt on end bit for a Komatsu Front End Loader. This is a right hand or left hand end bit that is .625” thick, 6” wide and 14 15/16” in length. It takes 4 – 5/8″x2 1/4″ (625×225) plow bolts and 4 – 5/8″ (625 hex nuts). The bolt hole spacing is 1 5/8″ when measured from the edge of the cutting edge to the center of the first hole and 4 1/2″ when measured from the center to center of the first two bolt holes.
Weight: 13.89 lb / 6.3 kg

T0400-01A2 CUTTING EDGE GROUP, WIDE » 12Y-72-11210
T0450-01A2 CUTTING EDGE GROUP, NARROW » 12Y-72-11210
Compatible models KOMATSU: 12Y-72-11210:

1)Carbon or boron steel
2)Thickness from 16mm to 85 mm
3)After quenching, tempering treatment
4)Excellent wear resistance
5)Colors:Black or yellow RED, CUSTOMEIZED
6) technique:Forging /casting
7)Certification: ISO:9001/14001
9).Warranty time: 2000 working hours
10).Brand: JOFOV
11)Surface Hardness: Carbon HRC280-320HB, Boron HRC440-520HB
12)Yielding Point: Carbon 600Re-N/mm2 , Boron 1440N/mm2
13)Tensile Strength; 1030 RM-N/mm2,1674 RM-N/mm2
2.Packaging & Delivery
Pakage detail: wood pallet
Delivery time:30days
3.Cutting edge & end bits suitable for all brands dozers, and could make as customer’s drawing.
4.Our products are built to deliver superior performance and long wear life which can make a real difference in you applications.
5. Bulldozer Level Cut End Bit Right Hand Suitable machine:
Bulldozer D20 D30 D31 D3B D3C D3D D40-1 D41-6 D4C D4D D4H D5 D50 D5B D5H D5M D6B D6C D6D D6H D6R D65 D7 D7E D7F D7G D7R D80 D85-12 D85-18 D8L D8G D8H D8K D8N D8R D9L D9N D155 D155A-1 D155AX D275 D355 D355A-3 D375-2/3,D455,D475,D575 etc.
Komatsu PC20, PC30, PC40-5, PC40-6,PC40-7, PC50, PC60-1, PC60-3,PC60-5/6, PC60-7, PC75, PC80, PC100-5, PC120-2, PC200-1, PC200-2, PC200-3, PC200-5/6, PC220-3, PC200-7, PC240-3, PC300-5/6, PC300-7, PC350, PC400-5/6, PC650, PC1000-1, 14X7111330 Komatsu New Aftermarket Hot Cupped Right Hand End Bit
Caterpillar E70B, CAT307/308, E120B, E180, E200B, E215,E215, CAT215BLC,CAT225, CAT225D, CAT225DLC, CAT235, CAT235DLC, E240,E240B, CAT311, CAT312, CAT313SR, E300, E300B, E300D, E320B, E320C, CAT322, CAT325, CAT325LN, E330, E330B, CAT330LN, CAT345, CAT350, E450

No. Part Number
1 100-4015 11G-71-31170 17A-71-11654 3G9512 4T6378 4T3008
2 100-4043 12F-70-31251 17A-71-45210 4T0608 4T6380 4T3010
3 100-4044 12F-70-31261 17M-71-21550 4T0609 4T6381 4T3011
4 100-6356 12F-70-31281 17M-72-21160 4T2315 4T6385 4T3012
5 100-6664 12Y-72-11210 195-70-12492 4T2887 4T6386 4T3013
6 100-6666 12Y-72-11220 195-71-51651 4T2895 4T6387 4T3014
7 100-6668 13F-Z27-1510 195-71-11654 4T2916 4T6388 4T3015
8 10120745 13G-72-61410 4T2917 4T6448 4T3020
9 10120752 13G-72-61420 195-71-51661 4T2921 4T6508 4T3024
10 10120757 130-70-41130 195-71-51671 4T2922 5J6839 4T3025
11 10127292 130-70-61170 195-71-61550 4T2923 5J6849 4T3026
12 101-9435 130-920-2180 198-71-11181 4T2945 5J6888 4T3027
13 101-9436 130-Z20-1510 198-71-21830 4T2946 4T3028
14 101-9437 144-70-11131 198-71-31540 4T2948 5V4661 4T3030
15 102-4580 144-871-5130 198-71-31550 4T2949 5V4696 4T3032
16 104-9634 144-920-1120 198-72-11181 4T2950 5V7276 4T3037
17 105-2345 14X-71-11310 1U0292 4T2952/5J6839 5V7410 4T3043
18 106-0956 14X-952-1130 1U0295 4T2972/8J4666 5V7423 4T3044
19 106-9290 154-70-11313 1U0593 4T2973 6J1406 4T3417
20 107-3381 154-70-11314 1U0601 4T2974 6J7116 4T3418
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