Komatsu Bucket Adapters 208-939-5120 for Excavator PC450 PC500

  • Komatsu Bucket Adapters 208-939-5120 for Excavator PC450 PC500

Komatsu Bucket Adapters 208-939-5120 for Excavator PC450 PC500, Tooth Adapters for Komatsu Excavators and Loaders, Stanard Excavator Bucket Digging Adaptor, KOMATSU Replacement Bucket Teeth Shank System, Ground Engaging Tools excavator spare parts bucket teeth adapter, PC450 PC500 Excavator parts tooth adaptor China Factory

Komatsu Bucket Adapters 208-939-5120 for Excavator PC450 PC500 Feature:
Part No.:  PC450 PC500 / 208-939-5120
Weight:  29 KG
Material: Alloy Steel,Carbon Alloy Steel,Special Alloy Steel
Technology: Sodium silicate dewaxing casting
Hardness: HB 470-520
Impact: ≥15J (25ºC)
Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²
Heat treatment: Quenching and tempering treatment
Machine type: Excavator, Loader, Bulldozer,etc.
Work condition: With excellent elongation and tensile strength, suitable for many different hard working conditions

Komatsu Bucket Adapters 208-939-5120 for Excavator PC450 PC500  Features
. Greater system strength
. Superior alloys
. Full system stabilization
. Fit all popular applications
. Reduced fuel consumption
. More wearable metal
. Increased productivity with less cost
. Best choice for value
. Proper fit for most popular machines
Tooth adapters for the following KOMATSU excavators are supplied here. pc200 excavator bucket adapter komatsu, excavator parts bucket adapter pc200-1, pc200-2 komatsu tooth adapter,  komatsu bucket teeth adapter pc200-3, pc200-4 komatsu bucket teeth holder, Bucket Tooth Adapter, excavator parts bucket tooth adapter pc120, bucket tooth point,rock chisel type,standard type,short type,Long type,Rock teeth type ,Standard teeth type , Abrasion teeth type , Komatsu bucket tooth , Dients , pointa , komatsu bucket teeth shank pc650

Komatsu Bucket Adapters Tooth Adapter  is also called as tooth holder, or tooth shank and might be written as tooth adaptor.

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Tooth adapters for other excavators

To find a perfect tooth adapter for your buckets, the following details about your bucket lips/cutting edges should be provided:
Bucket lip type (semi-delta, delta or straight)
Bucket lip thickness
Bucket lip width

Part numbers or pictures or drawings or samples

Tooth adapters for different bucket lips:
Straight bucket lip
Semi-delta bucket lip
Delta bucket lip

The tooth adapter system for KOMATSU excavator is a available for small utility machines up to large mining shovels. A full selection of tooth and adapter styles will fit all popular machines and applications.
If any interest in our tooth adapters, please feel free to contact. Glad to help.

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