Keech Excavator Teeth 20KC3RP, 20KC3-RP

  • Keech Excavator Teeth 20KC3RP, 20KC3-RP

Keech Excavator Teeth 20KC3RP, 20KC3-RP, Rock Penetration Teeth, Keech Style Standard Bucket Chisel Teeth, Casting Bucket Chisel Tip Suitable for Mini Excavators & Loaders, Mini Digger Standard Pick Bucket Teeth, Hitachi Keech style Digging Tips Assmblies, Replacement Bucket Tips Adaptor Tooth Point System, China GET Spare Parts Wear Parts Factory

Keech Excavator Teeth 20KC3RP, 20KC3-RP    Product Feature
Part Number:    20KC3RP , 20KC3-RP
Original manufacturer: Keech ,  ECH
Machine type: Excavator / Loader
Hardness 45-52HRC
Color Yellow / Black or custom

Part# OEM Part# Lock A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PIN Series Weight
20KC3-RP 20KC3RP 1T3-PN 126 101 288 71 1T3-PN 20KC3 9.3
3T3S-RP 3T3SRP 3T3-PN 135 123 288 82 3T3-PN 3T3 14.5

This is a standard tooth in keech series for use on skid steer buckets. The Keech style Bucket Teeth increase load bearing, extend operating life and optimise load capacity of your bucket.
A Keech Digging Tooth is a specialized digging tool used in various earthmoving and excavation applications. Keech is a well-known manufacturer of heavy equipment attachments, and their digging teeth are designed for durability and efficient digging performance. These digging teeth are typically used on buckets, backhoes, excavators, and similar heavy machinery.

Here are some key features and details about Keech Digging Teeth:
Design: Keech Digging Teeth are designed with a strong and robust structure, typically made from high-quality steel or other durable materials. They are shaped to effectively penetrate and break through soil, rocks, and other materials encountered in excavation work.

Usage: These digging teeth are attached to the cutting edge or lip of buckets and other digging attachments. They play a crucial role in breaking and loosening the ground, allowing the machinery to scoop and lift materials efficiently.

Durability: Keech Digging Teeth are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They are engineered to withstand the tough conditions of construction and excavation sites, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Versatility: These digging teeth are available in various sizes and configurations to match different types of digging buckets and machinery. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from digging trenches to excavating rocky terrain.

Maintenance: Proper maintenance, including regular inspection and replacement of worn or damaged teeth, is essential to ensure the continued efficiency of the digging attachment.

Item# Item# Item# Item# Item#
1000AP 1U3352L 27-32SPL 40PNR 7T3403RP
100C 1U3352T 27-32SPR 4044336-31101 7T3403RP2
100L 1U3352THD 27TVIP 4044428-32102 7T8459
100L 1U3352TT 27V/KIT 4451 8023
100R 1U3452RP 28DS12 450RC 8267
100R 1U3552T 28DS13AF 45PN 8023HX
101BHP 1U-3644 290TT 45S SHK 8354HD
1218797 20853 295AP 47TVIP 838-37
122/14 2000HTB 2A30101 47V/KIT 84715988
123/14LH 200SRT 2AHX 4T2353RP2 87415986
123/14RH 209A70 2ASHK 4V7174 87415987
135-9308 20CE 2V-6628 4V7175 8E2456
135-9408 20KC3RP 300H 51RL 8E6208
138-6458 20Y-934-2211 3023CL 5280ES 8E-0468
14152RC 201-70-74171L 30S SHK 552X156 8E-8496
14270-6RC 201-70-74171R 30S-HD 555TT 8J4692
1453RP3 206-5120 3202SHK 56PN 8LEU2S
156 206-79-FS-14 3252WT 5803011BT 8T-4T4709
156-50 207-939-5120 3204 5K-1459 8T66RDX
156-SHK 208-14270 3351 5V4311HX 900210
156-T 208-70-34221 3302EXT 5V7395 908-7
156-TVC 208-3120-5 3302TT 5V7396 9169430
1581SW 218345742 3352EXT 5814 9-17SPL
1613027 21C63201 3352RC 60L 9-17SPR
1735426 RH 22A 3402EXT 60R 9313T30
1735427 LH 220-6 350S 61E3L 9W5304
1735428 RH 22C9651058 350THD 61E3R 9W8209
1735429 LH 22G583F8C 350TVC 61E7-0100 9W8259
174-4115 22G94044C 3552RC 61E7-0101 9W8309
1929APT 22G94Q44T 35-5R 61ET-04610 9W-8459
1929HD 22K9340759669 35R14 6464 9W-8559
1929SRL 22MJWBW85 35PN 6602RC 9W8452E
192M4417 22MJWBW89 35PNR 66A-1 9W8452T
1930 228STB 35S SHK 6J8814 A502232A
1930THD 23T 35S-2806 6Y0352T ABAKBT
1931AF 23WT 35S-HD 6Y3222R AJANKE02
1931EX 23TT 3-6APT 6Y3222T ARCP2000S
19570RC 230CAST 37TVIP 6Y3254HD B320
195-75-71140 2412N289D11 L 37V/KIT 6Y5230HD B-331-LH
1U3202E 2412N289D11 R 3810A-47V 6Y5409 BEX2600
1U3202TH 25R HD 385T 7-17 BEX3200
1U3202W 25-30-P 39-RH17E 713-00032 BEX4110

07C0188 Hose assembly F381CACA222212-1080
17D1944 Pipe joints
PS10230 Cover C92AL-92AL034+A
13C0050 Mixing valve block XG07-6T-02
47C0893 Skylights Interior  5KC3SB Keech Chisel Tooth for Skid Steers & Excavators
46C0612 Electric lock switch assembly JK418
Z301652 Vibration pump (import)
Z101638 Pad of paper 14220006220005
12A0620 Right guard chain plate
PS15273 Pad D39-103-30+A
PS12698 Left bracket D55-105-03+A
17D0313 Pipe assembly
29B0161 High-pressure hose JB1885-77 10ⅡA-380
Z303645 Air conditioning overhead section
83A1309 Flag XGMW01002
PS07849 Preheater 771JZ-11-003+A
06B0263 Spring washers 94101-14352
PS07882 Turbocharger right bracket 771Z-13-008+A
17D2107 Steel Pipe
17D0075 Turn left after the bucket cylinder chamber pipe
85A0228 Rubber pad 315X175X3
18D0006 Joints
Z100220 Capping tank
20C0258 Water radiator W987110000
21D0231 Stick
Z101809 After the counterweight
17D0163 Steel Pipe
27D0077 16T steering axle body
47B0254 DC fuses DC-50-175A
PS11809 Output pulley D16A-136-01+A
Z303289 Exhaust valve
47C0774 On the right armrest assembly
02B0466 DC525 bolt rear wheel rim
10D0003 gas tank
15D0166 Axis D110-1001
01B0305 Bolt GB/T 5782-2000 M8X60-Zn.D 8.8
PS12762 Fuel filter assembly D638-000-02+A
47B0109 GPS car terminal GK110-A7
36B0029 Bearing 780 306  Keech Mini Excavator Tooth Sharp 5KC3 5KC3SB
PS07098 Intake manifold gasket 761G-04-014B+A
17D0319 Steel Pipe
Z303231 Cylinder mattresses
Z301309 Tubing
30A0335 Fuel Pipe
13A0853 Tank top right holder
PS07420 Intake pipe 763DA-12-001+A
PS08309 Two-wire pressure sensor A772ZL-31-005+A
PS09017 Bolts B774ZL-06-008+A
PS08763 Q/SC598-27 * 38: copper washers B00001848
56A0165 Hood adjustment shims
10B0814 O-ring
PS11774 Guide shaft D16A-113-02+A
21A1836 board
PS10983 Idler shaft sleeve D02C-156-01+B
Z102530 Knuckle Thrust bearing 11410083 30G-943/32 GB/T301-93
PS08259 Camshaft bearing A771Z-02-003+A
PS11235 Flywheel starter ring gear assembly member D06B-001-07+A
00A1274 Oil temperature meter connector YB315Z5-10X
PS13063 Camshaft drive gear G07-105-02+A  EXCAVATOR CHISEL TOOTH Keech 5KC3-S
Z101906 Diesel engine assembly
PS13908 Taper locking studs U321B-5M1932+A
13C0102 Cylinder 3724370-0280
PS11696 Turbine outlet connector housing D13-301-50+A
07C0374 Hose assembly 87392-16-16 (H120)/87312-16-16X4SP16 Continued
Z102445 Tire tube (short)
31C0031 Flanged joints
15D0477 Shaft (quadruple)
48D0078 Weight 4750Kg
PS16204 Q/SC622-M8 * 30-10.9: Hexagon flange bolts
Z301972 Throttle shaft
22D0038 Upper jaw
Z303295 Intake valve seat
Z101699 A carrier block
48D0065 Counterweight XG951III stone cross dedicated
56C0260 Suction hose assembly 8CO025

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Product Range


OEM Part# Lock A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PIN Series Weight
5KC3TT 5KC3-PN 48 46 127 63 5KC3-PN 5KC3 0.7
03T3STT 03T3-LK 62 63 150 67 03T3-PN 03T3 1.3
04T3STT 03T3-LK 75 62 150 80 03T3-PN 04T3 1.6
07T3TT 1T3-LK 77 87 195 93 07T3-PN 07T3 2.9
1T3STT 1T3-LK 101 96 282 124 1T3-PN 1T3 6.4
20KC3TT 1T3-LK 127 99 280 129 1T3-PN 20KC3 7.7
3T3STT 3T3-LK 135 123 282 146 3T3-PN 3T3 12.4

Part# OEM Part# Lock A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PIN Series Weight
20KC3-RP 20KC3RP 1T3-PN 126 101 288 71 1T3-PN 20KC3 9.3
3T3S-RP 3T3SRP 3T3-PN 135 123 288 82 3T3-PN 3T3 14.5

Part# OEM Part# Lock A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) PIN Series Weight
5KC3-S 5KC3 5KC3-PN 45 47 119 38 5KC3-PN 5KC3 0.6
03T3S-S 03T3S 03T3-LK 60 58 140 54 03T3-PN 03T3 1.0
04T3S-S 04T3S 03T3-LK – – – – 03T3-PN 04T3
07T3S-S 07T3S 07T3-LK 77 88 195 73 07T3-PN 07T3 2.7
1T3S-S 1T3S 1T3-LK 100 94 210 94 1T3-PN 1T3 4.0
20KC3S-S 20KC3S 1T3-LK 125 97 232 118 1T3-PN 20KC3 6.8
3T3S-S 3T3S 3T3-LK – – – – 3T3-PN 3T3

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