K15RP2 Komatsu RP Rock Penetrator Tooth

  • K15RP2 Komatsu RP Rock Penetrator Tooth

K15RP2 Komatsu RP Rock Penetrator Tooth, Replacement Komatsu Kmax Tooth System, DIGGER BUCKET TEETH for Komatsu loader, K-MAX Bucket Teeth System Teeth Point, K15RC K20RC K25RC excavator bucket teeth, bucket tips, bucket tooth and adapter for sales China Supplier

K15RP2 Komatsu RP Rock Penetrator Tooth, KOMATSU K-MAX K15RP2 TIP

Bucket teeth and adapter
1. Material :high quality Carbon steel,alloy steel,Mn steel,high carbon steel.
2. Available for different type of loader by differnt joint way.
3. Min.Qty.: 1 ton
4. Package by nude pack.

We produce various kinds of construction machinery parts, like: hydraulic breaker, bucket assy, undercarriage, track roller, carrier roller, sprocket, idler,steel track assy, rubber track assy,track shoe, track link assy, teeth and adapter, side cutter, blade and edge, pump and so on.

We offer the brands like,
1. PC series 2. Esco series 3. DH series 4. SH series 5. SK series 6. HD series 7. R series 8. EC V OLVO series and so on

Loaders operate in almost all applications and construction operations worldwide are looking for performance, cost effectiveness and safety from their G.E.T. Our designs are driven to meet those needs and give you maximum productivity as well. To help your Komatsu loader operate at top efficiency we created the Kmax G.E.T. system. Kmax is a patented hammerless tooth system exclusively for Komatsu dealers. This system delivers strength, durability, performance and productivity. From loose dirt and crushed concrete, to the most abrasive environments, there is a safe and economical Kmax solution for your Komatsu loader application.

Komatsu bucket teeth Kmax
K15RC K15T K15SYL K15RP2 K2025M15
K20RC K20T K20SYL K20RP2 K1030M20
K25RC K25T K25SYL K25RP2 K1040M25
K30RC K30T K30SYL K30RP2 K1045M30
K40RC K40T K40SYL K40RP2 K120040
K50RC K50T K50SYL K50RP2 K1060M50
K70RC K70T K70SYL K70RP2 K1070M70
K85RC K85T K85SYL K85RP2 K1080M85
XS115RC XS115T XS115SYL XS115RP2 350XS115
XS145RC XS145T XS145SYL XS145RP2

Improved Productivity
Tooth & adapter styles for most applications
Tooth is self sharpening
Better penetration and cycle times
Better Reliability
Better tooth-adapter fit
Nose design reduces areas of stress under load
Safe & Easy Replacement
Hammerless pin for quicker changes

K20RC KP20C K25RC KP25C excavator bucket teeth for sale
WE ALSO HAVE ENGINE PARTS AS BELOW, Replacement Komatsu Kmax Tooth System K15RC
1) S6KT, D330, 3204, 3116, 3406, C9, C10, 3304, 3306, 3408, 3512
2) C190, C221,C240, 4JB1, 4JH1, 4HG1T, 4BG1, 6HH1, 4JA1, 4JB1T, 6VE1, 4ZD1, 4HF1, 4BE1, 6RB1, 6BB1, 6BD1/4BD1, 6BG1T, 4HK1, 6HK1, 6WG1, 6SD1, 10PA1, 10PD1
3) S4S, S4E, S6E,S6S,4D56, 4M40, 4D31, 4D34, 6D14/T, 6D15/T, 6D16/T, 6D22, 6D24, 6D31, 6D34, 6DB1, 8DC9, 8DC11
4) 4D92, 4D94E, 4D95/6D95, 4D102/6D102, 4D105/6D105, S6D108, 6D110, 6D120, S6D125, 6D130, 6D140, S6D155, S6D170, 4D120, 4D130, 6D114, 6D107, NH220
5) 4TNV94/98, 4TNV88/84, 4TNE94/98, 4TNE88/84, 3D84-2/3,4D84-2/3,3TNV78,3TNV84,3TNE84
6) WO4D, W06D, H06CT, H07CT, H07D, J08C, EB300, EF750, EH100, EH700, K13, EM100, EK100T, F17C, M10U, P11C
7) 4BT, 6BT 5.9, 6CT 8.3, M11, L10, NH220, NT855, KT19,N14,A2300,B3.3,B5.9
8) DB58/T D1146/T D2366/T,DC24,DB33A
9) H20,K21,K25,H25,H20,A15,H15,SD22,SD25,TD27, TD42, ED6, FD6, FE6T, NE6/ND6, PD6T, PE6T, PF6, RD8, RE8, RF8
10) V2203,V2403,V3300
11) 1DZ,1Z,2Z,2J,2H,4Y,4P,5K,11Z,13Z
12) 210,240,29

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