John Deere Centre Cutting Edge U16748

  • John Deere Centre Cutting Edge

John Deere Centre Cutting Edge U16748, 450 John Deere Bulldozer Replacement Center Blades, Double Beveled Reversible Bolt On Cutting Edge for Bulldozer, Dozer Centre Cutting Edge China Supplier

John Deere Centre Cutting Edge Feature:
Part No.: U16748
Size: 0.625” thick *6” wide * 65.88” length
Material: High carbon steel or Boron steel
Compatible Machine Models: John Deere Dozer
Made in China

John Deere style bolt on center cutting edge for a 450 John Deere Bulldozer. This is a double beveled reversible center cutting edge that is .625” thick, 6” wide and 65.88” in length. It takes 7 of a 3/4” X 2 1/4” (750X225) plow bolt and 7 of a 3/4” (750 HEscoNUT) hex nut. The bolt hole spacing is 6” from center to center of the first 2 bolt holes, and 2.938” when measured from the edge of the bucket cutting edge to the center of the first hole.
Weight: 61.30 lb / 27.81 kg

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Bulldozer Replacement Center Blade with the longest life. John Deere Center Cutting Edge
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Lip Edges
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