JCB Excavator Bucket Sidecutter

  • JCB Excavator Bucket Sidecutter

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JCB Excavator Bucket Sidecutter Feature:
Part No.:  333/D8455, 333/D8457, 333/D8456
Replacement Brand: JCB
Material ductile iron, gray iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel
Surface hardness:470-540MM HRC
Casting Bucket Teeth
Material 1# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>15J
Material 2# Hardness :48-52HRC Impact Value :>20J
OEM are acceptable

China Bucket Side Cutter for Jcb Excavator
1) Item: JCB side cutter
2) Material: Alloy carbon steel
3) Hardness: 46-52HRC
4) Impact: ≥16J
5) Process: lost wax investment casting
6) Used in JCB excavator

JCB Excavator Bucket Sidecutter Description Features:
. Strength:
The ability of withstand digging shocks and high breakout forces. Long tips generally have a greater potential for breakage.
. Penetration:
The ability to penetrate tight, rocky, frozen or poorly shot materials resists becoming blunt with wear.
. Wear Life:
The ability to withstand wearing, scouring and abrasive action of the material can be handled.Choose tips have the right balance of these for your work, and you will get the full return from your investment. All of our bucket tips are made from special steel alloy which are optimized wear life.

The JCB Wearparts range is as wide and diverse as the machines and attachments HCEPARTS sell around the world. The range covers a huge variety of products all designed to support our machines in the field with high quality, value-for-money products. You’ll find everything you need within our Parts Online Website. HCEPARTS  as a global leading manufacturer of construction equipment understands our customers need support through the extended life of their machines.
JCB Wearparts are a key requirement and consideration for our customers to ensure operational productivity, efficiency and maximising return on investment. JCB Center Sidecutter

Side Cutters(Side Shrouds/Side Protectors/Side Tooth)  JBC Center Sidecutter for the following JCB excavators are supplied here.
3CX Side Cutters
4CX Side Cutters
JHS300 LC Side Cutters
JS220 LC Side Cutters
JS240 Side Cutters
JS240 LC Side Cutters
JS240 NLC Side Cutters
JS240S Side Cutters
JS260 Side Cutters
JS260 LC Side Cutters
JS260 NLC Side Cutters
JS260 XD Side Cutters
JS260S Side Cutters
JS290 LC Side Cutters
JS300 Side Cutters
JS300 LC Side Cutters
JS330 Side Cutters
JS330 LC Side Cutters
JS330 NLC Side Cutters
JS450 Side Cutters
JS450 LC Side Cutters
JS460 LC Side Cutters
333/D8455; 332/C4388 – JCB Central Bucket Tooth
333/D8457; 332/C4390 – JCB Bucket Side Cutter Right
333/D8456; 332/C4389 – JCB Bucket Side Cutter Left
826/00303 – Central tooth bolt
1340/0701Z – Nut
332/C9951 – Side Cutter bolt
980/84670 – JCB JS Excavator Tooth
980/84766 – JCB JS 220 Type 225 Tooth
980/84767 – JCB JS 220 Type 225 Adapter
980/84768 – Nut Type 225
980/84672 – Nut, JCB J300
980/84671 – Adapter JCB J300

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