JCB Cutter Side 531-03208/209

  • JCB Cutter Side 53103208 53103209

JCB Cutter Side 531-03208/209, JCB bucket teeth manufacturer in China, D/F Side Cutter, JCB 2CX/3CX Cutter Side, S/F Side Cutter, JCB Bucket Teeth 2CX/3CX

JCB Cutter Side 531-03208/209
Color Yellow and black
Weight 5/5.2 kgs
Part No. 531-03208 / 531-03209
MOQ 1000kgs
Experience More than 12 years
OEM Accept
Hardness 48-52HRC
Technique Forging & Casting
Deliver Depends on your order
Payment terms L/C,T/T,western union ect
Material Alloy Steel,Carbon Alloy Steel,Special Alloy Steel
Port Ningbo/Shanghai

Item Model Weight(kg) Machine Type
531-03205 Teeth 1.9/2.2/2.4 JCB-3X
531-03205H/D Teeth 2.9 JCB-3X
531-03208 Cutter Side 5/5.2 JCB-3X
531-03209 Cutter Side 5/5.2 JCB-3X
BU0420001 Teeth 2.6 JCB-3X
HC000002 Teeth 4.5 JCB-3X

We is a professional JCB bucket teeth manufacturer in China, providing complete models of john deere bucket adapter, automobile castings, S/L sheet pile, etc. Our bucket teeth can be used as wheel loader bucket teeth, excavator bucket teeth, tractor bucket teeth, loader bucket teeth, skid steer bucket teeth and the like.

Our company is located in Nanjing, China, where we enjoy convenient transportation facilities. You can choose any kind of them, because they all can offer you low freight to deliver our bucket teeth, bucket adapters, sheet pile, JCB bucket adapter, railway castings and so on. Welcome to contact us. 80” (2032 mm) Excavator Serrated Cutting Edge

20X-70-14160 205-70-19570 207-70-14151 208-70-14152 208-70-14270 209-70-54210 141-78-11253 175-78-31230 195-78-21331 195-78-71320719-70-13160 419-70-13113 419-70-13114 419-70-13170 423-847-1111 423-70-13154 423-70-14164 423-70-13114
1U3202 6Y3222 1U3252 1U3302 1U3352 7T3402 9W8452 9W8552 138-6552 6I6602 1U3301 1U3351
9N4252 9N4302 9N4352 8E4402 9N4452 9N4552
1U1254 1U0257 3G4258 3G4259 1U1304 3G4308 3G4309 1U1354 3G3357 3G5358 3G5359 6Y6335 6Y0309 6Y0352 6Y0359 6Y3352 9W2451 9W2452 4T5502 222-1087 220-9091 220-9089 286-2114
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2713-1221 2713-9041 2713-9038 2713-1217 2713-1219 2713-0032 2713-1236
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YN69B00008F1 YN69300IL LQ61B01003S001 SK60 SK200 SK210 SK230 SK350
14527863 14530544 1171-01910 14553243 14553244
53103205 53103208 53103209 332C4388 332C4389 332C4390
23TF 60T ZL40B LG50C 72A0005 72A0339 72A0007 72A0006/8 ZL50 312204054 810-10630 810-10600 810-10640
15GPE 55GPE 80GPE K25 XS115 V39 V51 V59 V61

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