Impact MTG Tooth System MG40I

  • Impact MTG Tooth System MG40I

Impact MTG Tooth System MG40I , MTG Standard tooth-adapter system, Heavy Construction industries KingMet Bucket System Revolutionary Tooth and Adapter System, Replacement MTG loader excavator teeth and adapters China Factory

Impact MTG Tooth System MG40I
(A) LENGTH: 11.57 ”
(B) POINT WIDTH: 4.57 ”
(C) POINT HEIGHT: 0.16 ”
(D) EAR TO EAR WIDTH: 5.15 ”

• Big rocks loading
• compact and low abrasion (not blasted limestone)
• demolition

I Design (Impact) for excavators and loaders on relatively un-abrasive terrains with a high level of impact. Particularly for quarries and applications with large block of stone.

The KINGMET TEETH & ADAPTER – MTG KINGMET tooth-adapter system is a vertical pin, self-sharpening system that can be used in Light Construction to Heavy Construction industries, both on Excavators and Loaders.

MTG’s high quality metals allow teeth and adapters to wear longer.

Resistant to all types of stresses:

Frontal: the angle of the shoulder of the adapter being less than 90º means that the tooth box tends to fit more tightly into the adapter in the event of frontal stresses.

Lateral: The ears surrounding of the adapter prevents the ears from opening.

Vertical: the double stabilization surface counteracts the force caused by vertical stresses so that the tooth, adapter, and pin are subject to less stress.


The teeth will operate without breaking, thanks to the robust and resistant tooth & adapter system. The elliptical shape of the nose increases the contact surfaces between the tooth and adapter for a better distribution of stresses, increasing the wear life of the adapter and the resistance to all types of forces.

Faster and easier tooth changing

The locking system is comprised of a vertical pin that reduces any possible side interference’s. The vertical pin is made up of two parts:

• The body of the pin, made of the highest-quality steel in order to give it optimal resistance and make reuse possible.

• The retainer, which is made of two components united as a single piece: Elastomet, which gives it elasticity and flexibility, and compact polyurethane.

• The combination of a resistant, reusable body and an elastic, flexible pin provides great ease of assembly and, in turn, the maximum reliability and guarantee in the proper operation of the MTG Systems KingMet fixing system.

Teeth with a longer service life

Long lasting and extended performance thanks to the good quality wear material and because they are built using steels by MTG Steels, which last longer and break less often. Since it is housed in the adapter, the pin is completely protected from wear and impacts thus enhancing the longevity of the locking system.

Teeth remain always sharp, MG40 MTG KINGMET UNIVERSAL BUCKET TOOTH

Improved bucket penetration. The specially designed fitting profile offers an excellent penetration throughout the service life of the tooth. MG40S MTG STANDARD BUCKET TOOTH, MG40L Long Design MTG Teeth for Loaders

for Excavators
Standard Design – general work, penetration.
Universal Design – general work, trenching.
Extra Design – abrasion, penetration.
Penetration Design – penetration, impact, rock.
Vector Design – high penetration, very compact terrain.
Double Vector Design – penetration, side protection of the bucket.
Flared Design – levelling, cleaning, sand quarrying, loose material trenching.

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