Hyundai Tooth Adaptor 61N6-31320

  • Hyundai Tooth Adaptor 61N6-31320

Hyundai Tooth Adaptor 61N6-31320, Hyundai Bucket Adaptor, Weld On Hyundai Style Adapter, Hyundai Bucket Adapter for Excavators, Hyundai Alloy Steel R210-7 Adapter 61n6-31320 TOOTH ADAPTER, casting parts Hyundai bucket tooth

Hyundai Tooth Adaptor 61N6-31320 Weight 9.8/10 KGS

We are producing bucket teeth, adapters, cutting edges, blades and rippers for heavy equipment machinery. Our products are suitable for top international brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, among others.
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– Operating in the spare parts business for over 17 years,
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Model.Parts No.Weight(kg/pc)R50/R5561M5-311302.2R200/R2200-3E161-30177.1R210-761N6-3132010.3R220-961Q6-3132010.7R290-3E262-302712.7R290-7/R300-561N8-3132013.9R360/HX420061E7-010114.9R370-761NA-3132019R450061E7-0460018R4500-364E7-0199028.4R4700-761NB-3132028R5000-762NB-3132029R52061EQ-3004060 If you are in the business of construction, excavation, mining, trenching or any other earth-moving enterprise, we would like to be your supplier for ground engaging tools and wearing parts. Hyundai Bucket Adapter for Excavators, 61NB-31310 GG Hyundai R455 Bucket Teeth, 61N8-31320 Hyundai Bucket Adaptor
This information is based on and for the purpose of general applications. All manufacturers’ names, logos and part numbers are used for reference purposes only. We has right to change or update this information at any time.

Features and Advantages
Model 61N6-31320
Material Carbon steel, Alloy steel,etc,
Machine type Excavator, Loader,Bulldozer,etc.
Heat treatment Quenching and tempering treatment
Adapters : HRC34-38 ,Impact value >=25J
Work condition
with excellent elongation and tensile strength, suitable for many different hard working conditions.

Part NumberTooth DescriptionWeightModel NumberAdapters161-3027Standard11.2 lbsR110D-7AR210LC-7R140LC-7AR170W-7AE161-3017 …….1.57”, 30° bevel (28.9 Ibs)61N6-31320 ..1.38”, Square Throat (22.5 Ibs)161-3027RCRock Chisel14.5 lbs161-3027TTiger9.5 lbs161-3027WTTwin Tiger11.6 lbs262-3046Standard16.8 lbsR250LC-7AR290LC-7320NLC-7AE262-3027 ….1.57”, 30° bevel (28.0 Ibs)61N8-31320 ..1.38”, Square Throat (24.3 Ibs)262-3046RCRock Chisel20.9 lbs262-3046TTiger19.6 lbs262-3046WTTwin Tiger20.7 lbs61E7-0101Standard24.3 lbs360LC-7A61E7-0100 ….1.57”, 30° bevel (31.4 Ibs)61NA-31320 ..1.38”, Square Throat (40.6 Ibs)61NA-31310Standard28.5 lbs61NB-31310Heavy Duty Long42.4 lbsR450LC-7, 500LC-7A61NB-31320 ..1.97”, Square Throat (60.4 Ibs)61L6-00800Loader Long18.4 lbsHL78066NB-31310Heavy Duty21.0 lbsR500LC-7

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