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HCEPARTS offers a wide variety of Hyundai Tooth & Adapter shapes and sizes, ensuring we have what you need for your specific application. Finding the right balance of strength, penetration and wear life is vital to choosing the adapter shape for your application.

Hyundai bucket teeth & adapter is a professional bucket teeth manufacturer, dedicated of producing bucket teeth using investment casting technique, we could provide full range of teeth and adapter in order to satisfy the markets need. Hyundai bucket teeth are originally designed for various models of Hyuandai excavators. Hyundai Tooth & Adapter offers superior wearing resistance and can effectively protect the excavator bucket from abrasion and damage while working in quarry, mining, construction, rock excavation and more industries.

We provide non-genuine Hyuandai bucket teeth, bucket adapters, bucket side cutters ranging from HX80 HX100. We also provide custom and OEM service according to customers’ requirements, such as dimensions, materials, colors, mechanical properties as well as logo (which only cost a little bit on tooling when replacing our own logo as default, we could even offer free tooling if the quantity is large).

HCEPARTS has a l proud history that started with true entrepreneurial spirit and a dedicated commitment by its founders over 15 years ago. Today, stands as a leading manufacturing company with sales over 20000 Tons per year.

HCEPARTS core competence Caterpillar Bucket Adapters
Fully (100%) designed teeth, adapters system
Metallurgical ( Material composition) innovation. HCEPARTS employs highly skilled metallurgists who develop alloys
Top heat treatment machine offers state-of-the-art heat treating for a variety of application. All HCEPARTS teeth are heat treated to meet critical specifications for strength and durability
One of the biggest Warehouse capacity in china teeth industry.
HCEPARTS is seriously committed to giving customer additional and better services: Our customers are our strategic partners

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Product Range

Hyundai Tooth And Adapter
Part # Model U.W/KG Type
E161-3027 R130,220(HX80) 4.20 1
E161-3027RC R130,220(HX80) 4.80 4
E161-3017 R130,220(HX80) 7.20 2
E262-3046 R280,300,320(HX100) 6.80 3
E262-3046 RC R280,300,320(HX100) 7.50 4
E262-3027 R280,300,320(HX100) 12.00 5
61E7-0101 R420,R450LC3A,HX160 10.00 3


Hyundai Tooth And Adapter
Part # Model U.W/KG Type
61E7-0100 R420,R450LC3A,HX160 14.50 5
6IE7-04610 R450 9.30 3
6IE7-01610RC R450 9.90
6IE7-0450 R450 14.50 5
6IQ6-31310 R255-9 7.00 4
6IQ6-31320 R255-9 10.00 5
61N6-31310 R255-7 7.50 4
61N6-31320 R255-7 10.00 5
6IN8-31310 R305-7 10.00 4
6IN8-31320 R305-7 10.00 5
6INA-31310 13.50 4
6INB-31310 23.00 4
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