Hyundai Loader End Edge 61LK-00370

  • Hyundai Loader End Edge 61LK-00370

Hyundai Loader End Edge 61LK-00370, Loader End Edge 40mm suits HL760-7, HL770-9, Side Blade Leading edge, CUTTING EDGE-CENTER FOR BUCKET, Direct Replacement Hyundai GET Parts, Construction Machinery Spare Parts from China Supplier

Hyundai Loader End Edge 61LK-00370 Parameter:
Part: 61LK-00370
Number Holes:4
Hole Size:22mm (7/8Ó)
Suits the following models:Hyundai HL760-7, Hyundai HL770-9,
Bolt:22mm x 89mm (7/8Ó x 3 1/2Ó)
Nut:22mm (7/8Ó)
Common names:End bit, Loader edge, end edge, Side edge, Outside edge, Loader edge, Blade

Why Hyundai?
An enterprising and pioneering spirit is the key to business growth. Because we share our customers’ work ethic, Hyundai builds machines that perform day in and day out to meet their toughest expectations and quality standards. At Hyundai, we understand that even the best quality products require exceptional support.

Choose from a full line of bolt-on and half arrow cutting edges. Optimize your machine’s productivity in every job site condition with the wide range of G.E.T. products available. bucket G.E.T. make up the only bucket system designed and developed to maximize the performance and productivity of your wheel loader.

Finding the best solution for your bucket and application is easy with our broad portfolio of edge options. Increase your machine’s productivity by reducing operating costs and maintenance interval costs. Hyundai Centre Edge 61LB-00360

51LK-10051 – PIN WA 51LK-90011 – PLATE 51LK-90021 – PLATE 51LK-90040 – PLATE 51LK-91031 – PLATE 51LK-91041 – PLATE 51LP-10090 – PIN-LOCK 5264569 – GASKET-OIL DRAIN 61L1-3022GG – TOOTH-CENTER 61L1-3025 – BOLT-TOOTH 61L1-3027 – BOLT-TOOTH 61L1-3028GG – TOOTH-SIDE,LH 61L1-3029GG – TOOTH-SIDE,RH 61L1-3909 – ELBOW-90 61L6-00800GG – TOOTH POINT 61L6-00810 – PIN-TOOTH 61L6-00820 – WASHER-LOCK 61LB-10100 – BUSHING 61LB-10111 – BUSHING 61LB-10120 – BUSHING Hyundai Loader Center Blade 61LK-00360

bolt-on cutting edge options are available in standard and heavy-duty thicknesses and half arrow options. Recommended for applications where sand, gravel or other abrasive materials severely diminish wear life. Hard tungsten carbide particles are bonded to critical wear areas, providing up to five times greater wear life.

61LB-10270 – SPACER(O21) 61LK-00011 – BUCKET ASSY(4.2 C/E) 61LK-00030 – BUCKET WA 61LK-00360 – CUTTING EDGE-CENTER 61LK-00370 – CUTTING EDGE-SIDE 61LK-00500 – BUCKET ASSY(4.0 1-TOOTH) 61LK-00700 – BUCKET ASSY(4.0 2-TOOTH) 61LK-00910 – CUTTING EDGE KIT 61LK-00950 – TOOTH KIT(1-PIECE) 61LK-00960 – TOOTH KIT(2-PIECE) 61LK-10011 – BOOM ASSY 61LK-10021 – BOOM WA 61LK-10080 – BUSHING 61LK-10141 – BELL CRANK ASSY 61LK-10151 – BELL CRANK 61LK-10161 – LINK ASSY 61LK-10170 – LINK 61LK-10240 – PIN WA 61LK-12010 – BOOM ASSY 61LK-12020 – BOOM WA 61LM-10250 – SPACER-PIN 61LM-10260 – SPACER-PIN 61LM-16110 – PIN WA 61LM-16120 – PIN WA 61LM-16140 – PIN WA 61LM-16250 – PIN WA 61LM-16260 – PIN WA 61LM-16610 – PIN WA 61LM-16620 – PIN WA 61LM-16660 – PIN WA 61N8-00320-DA – WASHER-HARDENED 61Q6-06540 – O-RING 6204661N – SEAL KIT 64L1-01200GG – TOOTH ADAPTER-CENTER 64L1-01210GG – TOOTH ADAPTER-LH 64L1-01220GG – TOOTH ADAPTER-RH 64L3-01120 – WASHER-HARDENED 64L3-01120-DA – WASHER-HARDENED

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