Hyundai Center Blade Loader Cutting Edge 61LD-00360

  • Hyundai Center Blade Loader Cutting Edge 61LD-00360

Hyundai Center Blade Loader Cutting Edge 61LD-00360, Hyundai HL757 Loader End Bit Center Blade, Side Blade Leading Bucket edge, Base edges, bolt-on loader blade system, GET Parts, ground engaging parts at affordable prices

Hyundai Center Blade Loader Cutting Edge 61LD-00360  Specifications:
OEM: 61LD-00360
Blade Position: Center
Dimensions (mm): 290x25x1234
Weight (kg):65,4
Weight (lb): 144,21
Application:HL757 Loader
Parts Category : Blade Parts
Parts Manufacturer : Hyundai
Equipment Brand : Hyundai
Equipment Type : Loader HL757
Application : Mining Construction,Earthmoving

Two styles of corner reinforcing boots are available, flush or extended. Boots provide added strength to the bucket and help extend the life of the cutting edge.

We offer top quality ground engaging tools for all earth-moving equipment such as Loaders, Excavators, Backhoe, Dozers, Rippers, Motor Graders, Paving Products and Scrapers. Our high quality ground engaging tools come in the latest designed shapes for outstanding performance and value in a wide range of applications. Whether you are in the business of construction, excavation, mining, trenching or any other earth-moving enterprise, we can offer premium quality ground engaging parts at affordable prices.

We manufacture three types of loader blades to cover any job requirement. Choose from straight, wrap-around or the super service spade nose loader blade.
Loader blades are available using the exclusive through-hardened steel process or 350 high carbon, high manganese steel.
Available in both standard and heavy-duty Combat models, select from 28 sizes ranging in thickness of 1/2″ to 3 1/2″ and in widths from 4″ to 35″.
we also provides custom design capability with rolled bevels or machine beveling and landing variation.
Flat single bevel, flat double bevel, and flat parallel bevel edge designs are available.
All loader cutting edges can be ordered for bolt-on or weld-on installation. Bolt-on blades are available with or without an adapter.

bolt-on loader blade system includes an adapter made to fit any make or model of loader. Flat double bevel cutting edges are then bolted onto the weld-on adapter and are available in 1, 2, or 3 piece designs. The adapter allows for easy replacement of the cutting edge using only hand tools.

Loader Blades, Hyundai Loader End Blade, Hyundai Bulldozer Cutting Edge 65D1-20370, 61L8-20170 HL730 End Loader Edge System
We offers an extensive line of blades for dozers, graders and wheel loaders. Our blades are competitively priced with global availability and meet or exceed industry standards for durability and wear life. Blades are available for most manufacturers. Hyundai Dozer Blades 65D2-20290, 61L6-00021 Hyundai Loader Base Edge, Direct Replacement Hyundai Blade for Loader 61L4-01111

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