GRADING BLADE 9W2341, 9W-2341 7 Holes

  • GRADING BLADE 9W2341, 9W-2341 7 Holes

GRADING BLADE 9W2341, 9W-2341 7 Holes 3/4″ Bolt, Motorgrader Bolt On Blade, Low Price Dbc Grader Blades, CATERPILLAR Curved Grader Blade, CAT Genuine Parts Motorgrader Curved Double Bevel Blade, G.E.T Parts Boron Steel Center Blades with 6 holes, Through Hardened Heat Treated Cutting Edges for Motor Grader China Supplier

GRADING BLADE 9W2341, 9W-2341 7 Holes 3/4″ Bolt Specifications:
Part No.  9W2341 , 9W-2341
Weight: 93 pounds 42 kg.
LENGTH 1521.6 mm
WIDTH 203.2 mm


A 203mm Material HIGH CARBON
B 19mm Diameter 3/4″
C 1524mm Tooth
D Holes 7
E Class
Weight 42,6Kg

Cutting Edges
• Complete line of curved double bevel (CDB) cutting edges for every make and model
• CDB sizes range from 1/2″ x 6″ for light grading up to heavy-duty 1″ x 8″ CDB section for greater wear life
• Flame-hardened grader cutting edges with surface hardness up to 62 RC, provides max mum wear resistance
• XHD flat grader blades are available in sizes 3/4″ x 8″ through 3″ x 16″ FDB
• Select serrated grader blades are available for frozen or hard packed ground conditions

2. Put identification marks on counterweights (1), and remove them from the crankshaft. 3. Remove bearing caps (2) from the connecting rod, and push the connecting rods away from the crankshaft. Use wire to hold the upper half of the connecting rods away from the crankshaft. 4. Remove the center main bearing cap, and remove two thrust plates (3) from each side of the main bearing. 5. Use two of the bolts that hold the flywheel to the crankshaft, and install a bolt in each end of the crankshaft. Fasten a hoist to the crankshaft as shown.6. Remove the remainder of main bearing caps (5), and remove crankshaft (4) from the cylinder block. The weight of the crankshaft is 545 kg (1202 lb.). 7. Remove the upper halves of the bearings from the cylinder block and the connecting rod assemblies.8. If necessary, remove bolts (7) to remove gears (6) from each end of the crankshaft.Install Crankshaft  Motor Tractor Central Blade 9W2330, 9W-2330 7Holes 3/4″ Bolt

1. If gears (1) were removed from the crankshaft, install the gears on each end of crankshaft (2). The upper halves of the main bearings have an oil hole in the center of the bearing.2. Install the upper halves of main bearings (3) in the block.3. Put the upper halves of rod bearings (4) in position in the connecting rod assemblies. Install the bearings dry when clearance check are made. Put clean engine oil on the bearings for final assembly.If the crankshaft journals and bores for the block and rods were measured at disassembly and found to be within specifications, no further checks are necessary. However, if the serviceman still wants to measure the bearing clearances, Plastigage is recommended. Lead wire, shim stock or use of a dial bore gauge can damage the bearing surface.The serviceman must be very careful to use Plastigage correctly. 9W2338 Motor Tractor Curved Blade 6 Holes 5/8″ Bolt

The following points must be remembered:Make sure that the backs of the bearings and the bores are clean and dry.Make sure that the bearing locking tabs are properly seated in their slots.The crankshaft must be free of oil where the Plastigage touches it.If the main bearing clearances are checked with the engine upright or on its side, the crankshaft must be supported. Use a jack under and adjacent crankshaft counterweight and hold the crankshaft against the crown of the bearing. If the crankshaft is not supported, the weight of the crankshaft will cause incorrect readings.Put a piece of Plastigage on the crown of the bearing half that is in the cap. Do not allow the Plastigage to extend over the edge of the bearing.Install the bearing cap using the correct torque-turn specifications. Do not use an impact wrench. Be careful not to dislodge the bearing when the cap is installed.Do not turn the crankshaft with the Plastigage installed.Carefully remove the cap, but do not remove the Plastigage. Measure the width of the Plastigage while it is in the bearing cap or on the crankshaft journal. Do this by using the correct scale on the package. 9W2339 Motor Grader Curved Blade 6 Holes 3/4″ Bolt

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Product Range

Part Number Measurement (mm) Description Brand Weight(Kgs)
232-70-12142 1828mmX152mmX13mm  5/8″X8 DBC Grader Blades Komatsu 24
4T3512 1219mmX203mmX25mm  3/4″X9 DBC Grader Blades CAT 45
7T1627 2438mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades CAT 67
7T1625 2133mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades CAT 59
7T1638 1828mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades CAT 50
9W2341 1524mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X11 DBC Grader Blades CAT 42
9W2339 1219mmX203mmX19mm  3/4″X9 DBC Grader Blades CAT 33.5
7T1630 2438mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X17 DBC Grader Blades CAT 67
7T1623 2133mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades CAT 59
7T1634 1828mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades CAT 50
9W2340 1524mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades CAT 42
9W2338 1219mmX203mmX19mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades CAT 33.5
7T1628 2438mmX203mmX16mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades CAT 56
7T1624 2133mmX203mmX16mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades CAT 49
7T1639 1828mmX203mmX16mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades CAT 42
9W2329 1219mmX203mmX16mm  3/4″X9 DBC Grader Blades CAT 28
7T1631 2438mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X17 DBC Grader Blades CAT 56
7T1643 2133mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades CAT 49
7T1636 1828mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades CAT 42
Part Number Measurement (mm) Description Weight(Kgs)
7T1643 2133mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 49
7T1636 1828mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades 42
7T1641 1524mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades 35
9W2328 1219mmX203mmX16mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades 28
3G1628 2438mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades 45.5
3G1627 2133mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades 40
3G1626 1828mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades 34
134-1779 1524mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X11 DBC Grader Blades 28
135-6738 1219mmX203mmX13mm  3/4″X9 DBC Grader Blades 23
8J8980 2438mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X17 DBC Grader Blades 45.5
8D2789 2133mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 40
8D2788 1828mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades 34
9J3863 1524mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades 28
3G7965 1219mmX203mmX13mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades 23
9W2335 2133mmX152mmX19mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades 42
7T1644 2133mmX152mmX19mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 42
7T1635 1828mmX152mmX19mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades 35.5
7T1642 1524mmX152mmX19mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades 30
7T1629 2438mmX152mmX16mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades 39
7T1626 2133mmX152mmX16mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades 34
7T1637 1828mmX152mmX16mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades 29
7T1632 2438mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X17 DBC Grader Blades 39
7T1645 2133mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 34
5B5562 2133mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades 34
7T1633 1828mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X13 DBC Grader Blades 29
7T1640 1524mmX152mmX16mm  5/8″X11 DBC Grader Blades 25
9W2302 2438mmX152mmX13mm  3/4″X17 DBC Grader Blades 31.5
9W2300 2133mmX152mmX13mm  3/4″X15 DBC Grader Blades 28
9W2298 1828mmX152mmX13mm  3/4″X13 DBC Grader Blades 24
9W2301 2438mmX152mmX13mm  5/8″X9 DBC Grader Blades 31.5
9W2299 2133mmX152mmX13mm  5/8″X15 DBC Grader Blades 28
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