Grader Ripper Shank 8J1434

  • Grader Ripper Shank 8J1434

Grader Ripper Shank 8J1434, Caterpillar Style Scarifier Shank, Heavy Equipment & Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts, Ripper Shank Fits Cat Caterpillar Crawler D3 D4 931 941 955 963 12 12E 12F 14 14E, TOOTH GP-SCARIFIER 8J1434 – Replacement Caterpillar Straight Ripper Shank

Grader Ripper Shank 8J1434 Parameter
Type: Shank
Uses Pin# 2K6413
Uses Lock# N/A
Note: Fits Ripper Tip Part# 9J8910, 6Y0309.
Caterpillar style ripper shank for a motor grader, takes a 6Y0309 ripper tooth, a 9J6583 pin and a 8E6359 sleeved retainer; Use Item # 9J6586 Weight 54.01 lb / 24.5 kg
Compatible Models
track-type tractor
D5M 3P D6K2, 53 D6K XL D5N 140, 3S D6K LGP D3, D3B, D4E, D6K2 XL D6K2 LGP 4 4A 3 4S D4E SR D6K 5 143 6 141

motor grader
140H, 12M 3 140G, 14G, 140H NA 160M 3 AWD 12G, 12M 3 AWD 160M, 14E, 140M 3 120M, 140M, 160M 3 12M 2 160H, 12F, 14L 140M 3 AWD 140M 2 12M, 163H NA 140H ES 12H, 160M 2 130G, 12H NA 14H NA 140K 2 14M-3 120M 2 140, 160H ES 140B, 160K, 160H NA 12H ES 14M3, 163H, 120K, 12E

wheel-type loader
950, 966C

track-type loader
951B, 951C, 955L, 931B, 955 931, 977 951, 941

track loaders
931B, 931BLGP

225B, EL300, 235D, 229D, EL240 330-A

track type tractors

motor graders
160M, 12K, 12M, 160H, 143H, 160K, 120M, 140K, 12H, 14H, 12G, 140H, 14M, 140G, 140M, 163H, 120M2AWD, 160MAWD, 160HNA, 140M3, 140HNA, 140K2, 160M2AWD, 12HNA, 12M3, 120M2, 12M3AWD, 140M3AWD, 120MAWD, 160M3AWD, 12M2AWD, 140M2AWD, 160M2, 14LAWD, 160M3, 140M2, 140GC 140-13, 140-13AWD, 12M2

track excavators
225D, 235C, 235B, 330L, 330, 229, 325, E300

Ripper Shank (R300)(Procurement)
Cat shank ripper is an axially pinned, one piece that allows for quick removal and installation. Cat shank ripper allows attachment for the ripper tip to provide a smooth transition and sharper leading edge for dependable results.

Pin joints

Cat ripper tips are application specific.

One New Aftermarket Replacement Caterpillar Straight Ripper Shank that fits the following Models & Machines: Crawler Loader models: 931, 941, 941B, 951, 951B, 951C, 955, 955C, 955H, 955K, 955L, 963 Wheel Loader models: 922, 944A, 950, 966, 966B Motor Grader models: 12, 12E, 12F, 12G, 12H, 14, 14E, 14G, 14H, 130, 130G, 140, 140G, 140H, 143H, 160H, 163 Crawler Dozer models: D3, D4, D4D, D4E, D5M Please Note: Your Ripper Shank may look slightly different. This is a NON-Recessed Ripper Shank. Replaces Part Number: 9J6586
All OEM part numbers and logos are to be used for identification purposes only. 8E8415 CAT D10R D10N Crawler Dozer Shank AS Ripper

New replacement, used and reconditioned including:
backhoes, compactors, dozers, dump trucks, graders, loaders & scrapers
Undercarriage parts
for dozers and track loaders
Ground engaging tools
Bucket teeth/tips ? New replacement Caterpillar J series teeth, twist lock, Komatsu & more.
Adapters ? Two strap & flush mount
Compaction wear parts ? compaction feet/tamping feet, cleaner bars
Ripper tynes & shanks
Ripper boots/tips
Cutting edges
Grader blades
End Bits & segments
Side protectors
G.E.T Removal Tools
Hardware ? nuts, bolts & washers
Reconditioned components Huge range of reconditioned components available ?off the shelf? for Caterpillar earthmoving machinery, including:
cylinders, differentials, engines, final drives & wheel groups, pumps, torque converters, transmissions.
Elevating scraper parts
Flights, chains, rollers, idlers, sprockets.
Grader moldboards and edges
Caterpillar ? New replacement – G, H & M Series
John Deere – New replacement ? 670/770 B/C/D
Engine parts
Oils, filters, seals/o?rings & hardware
Dismantled machines
Plus many more parts

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