Grader End Blades Cutting Edges 8E5531

  • Grader End Blades Cutting Edges 8E5531

Grader End Blades 8E5531, Motor Grader End Bit, 12G Caterpillar Grader Left or Right Hand End Bits, CAT Grader Overlays and End Bits, End Edge, Replacement Bolt On Grader Blades China factory

Grader End Blades 8E5531 Feature:
CAT Part No.: 8E5531
Type: Grade END BIT
Size: 0.625” thick * 6” wide * 18.375” length
Material: High carbon steel or Boron steel
Compatible Machine Models: Caterpillar Motor Grader
Made in China

Caterpillar style bolt on right hand or left hand grader end bits for a 12G Caterpillar Grader. This is a grader end bit that is .625” thick, 6” wide and 18.375” in length. It takes 5 of a 5/8” X 2 1/4”(625X225) plow bolt and 5 of a 5/8”(625 HEscoNUT) hex nut. Bolt hole spacing is 1 5/8″ when measured from the edge of the cutting edge to the center of the first hole and 3 3/4″ from the center to center of the bolt holes.
Weight: 16.76 lb / 7.6 kg

HCEPARTS CAT Overlays and End Bits
HCEPARTS CAT Overlay End Bits help protect the moldboard from excess wear and extend the life. The Overlay also assists in extra wear protection and strength for the cutting edge and the moldboard itself.
Reversible Overlays are used with curved edges, and can be used twice to double the life.

We offer a wide selection of blades manufactured from several grades of high carbon and boron steel. Many of these products are made from both high carbon and boron steel that are heat-treated and hardened to improve the lifespan while meeting the demanding requirements of earthmoving and mining applications.

1.Specifications  Replacement End Bit Compactor Dozer Cutting Edge End Bit,  Caterpillar Grader overlay Cutting Edges End Bit
1)Carbon or boron steel
2)Thickness from 16mm to 85 mm
3)After quenching, tempering treatment
4)Excellent wear resistance
5)Colors:Black or yellow
6) technique:Forging /casting
7)Certification: ISO:9001/14001
9).Warranty time: 2000 working hours
10).Brand: HCEPARTS
11)Surface Hardness: Carbon HRC280-320HB, Boron HRC440-520HB
12)Yielding Point: Carbon 600Re-N/mm2 , Boron 1440N/mm2
13)Tensile Strength; 1030 RM-N/mm2,1674 RM-N/mm2
2.Packaging & Delivery
Pakage detail: wood pallet
Delivery time:30days
3.Cutting edge & end bits suitable for all brands dozers, and could make as customer’s drawing.
4.Our products are built to deliver superior performance and long wear life which can make a real difference in you applications.
5.Suitable machine: 140 Caterpillar Motor Grader

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Product Range

Bolt A(mm) B(mm) Nut Part# Weight
PB58214 155 420 PN58 7D2052 5.0
PB58214 155 445 PN58 8E5531 5.0
PB34212 155 450 PN34 8E5529 5.0
PB34318 155 465 PN34 8E5530 5.0
PB1412 PN10 1093118 5.0
PB58214 155 420 PN58 9J4411 5.0
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