G780 Volvo Grader Blades

  • G780 Volvo Grader Blades

G780 Volvo Grader Blades, Motorgrader Blade Edge, Bolt-On End Edge Volvo Grader Blades, Bolt-On long blade baseCutting Edges for Volvo, G930B Grader Blade G940B Motor Grader Blade Blade Volvo Grader End Edge Motor Grader blade edge China Supplier

G780 Volvo Grader Blades down force:
The calculation of “Blade Down Force,” or cutting capability, identifies two things as important in determining cutting capability – front weight and a long bladebase.
Volvo graders combine lots of weight up front with a long blade base to optimize the amount of machine weight that can be applied to the ground at the blade edge.

Grader capability
Unlike other construction equipment, the business end of a grader is in the middle. At Volvo, we build graders to distribute the weight where it translates into more cutting capability at the blade edge.
Since the weight of all motor graders is concentrated at the back of the machine, Volvo engineers have moved the blade as far back toward the rear of the machine as possible. This takes advantage of the rear weight but is still well within the operator’s line of sight. Volvo recognized the importance of a long blade base many years ago, and as a result, our graders offer the highest cutting capability.
The other secret to proper weight distribution is at the rear of the machine. By strategically positioning the power train components, we get even distribution of weight to each rear driven wheel. This optimizes the machine’s pushing capability.

Economical choices for moderate-impact applications.
Resists wear from down pressure.
Provides wear life three to five times greater than standard carbide blades.
Features wear-resistant carbide granules imbedded in an abrasion-resistant, steel-weld material that offers better protection of the solid carbide insert in the blade.
Available in both 1-inch (25mm) and 1.50-inch (38mm) wide protection.
The above picture is just a reference, blades can be customized according to your requirements.
Welcome to contact us for any questions.

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