Fiatallis End Bit 70661214

  • Fiatallis End Bit

Fiatallis End Bit 70661214, Fiat Allis Universal Edges, Fiat Allis Bulldozer Replacement End Bit Edges, Double Beveled Reversible Bolt On Cutting Edge for Fiat Allis Bulldozer, Backhoe Cutting Edge for Fiatallis equipment

Fiatallis End Bit 70661214
Fiat Allis style end bit bolt on cutting edge for Fiat Allis dozers.
Part No. 70661214
Through hardened guaranteed against breakage.
This is a dozer cutting edge that is 1.375″ thick, 13.1″ wide, and 24.02″ in length.
It takes 7 – 1 x 3.5″ grade 9 plow bolts and 7 – 1″ nuts.
The bolt spacing is center to center of row 1 4.00″.
The space length is 2.88″ from the center of the first hole to the edge of the cutting edge.
The bolt spacing is center to center of row 2 3.00″.
The bolt spacing is 2.88 from the center of the first hole to the edge of the cutting edge.

Properly managing your machine’s cutting-edge system helps improve productivity, reduces machine downtime, and can ultimately lead to higher returns on your investment. We have a full line of products to help keep you up and running. Fiat Allis End Bit Bolt On Cutting Edge 70661213

Interlocking cutting edges can last twice as long. Guaranteed for life against breakage.
Easy to install and adjust, saving time and money.
Self-sharpening edges wear from the bottom up, for increased wear.
Reversible, interchangeable pieces deliver more versatility.
Unique cutting angle gives better bucket fill. John Deere Cutting Edges Bolt On
Designed for fleet flexibility, including most competitive loaders.
Leaves a smoother work surface, reducing tire wear and increasing comfort.

1. Aggressive leading edge design
2. Variety of approved tooth systems
3. More Side cutters / Wear shroud options
4. Reduced weight by the use of high abrasion resistant materials
5. More usable wear metal for longer point life
6. Slimmer profile for better penetration
7. Greater nose strength and fatigue life
8. Alloys provide longer wear life and greater impact resistance

Eliminate washboarding & potholes
Fewer passes than standard blades
Tungsten-carbide tips are stronger than steel
Replaceable, rotating, and self-sharpening
Wear uniformly & maintain an even cutting height
Available in standard duty, heavy duty, and severe duty strengths

In addition to the exclusive products above, we offer a variety of quality edges ranging from highly durable to economical alternatives for low-impact use on a range of equipment. We also offer Fiat Allis Universal Edges which provide an alternate cutting edge repair option for all makes of equipment. They are available in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths, so they allow you to rebuild a bucket at minimal expense.

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