Replacement Side Cutter Tooth

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Replacement Side Cutter Tooth, RH 4 Bolts E-x-c-o style Bolt On Sidecutter for Excavator, replacement Ex style right hand side cutter tooth, T1712R4 T1713R4 T1090A Clam Bucket Clamshell side cutters

Replacement Side Cutter Tooth specification:
Part number EXKO14BR / GEE14BR
Material Alloy steel
Type Side cutter
Replacement E-X-K-O Parts
Process Lost wax casting
Hardness 47-52 HRC
Impact >= 18J
Color Yellow, Black, Green, Red, Gray

We have the following ExKKo and other brand clam bucket or backhoe bucket side cutters.
Bucket accessories inlude optional equipment like bolt- on side cutters, and replacement parts like bucket teeth and pins (where necessary).  RH Bucket Side Cutters For Compact Excavators

Sidecutters improve penetration, increase bucket capacity and cutting width, and offer increased side bar protection. Exso Excavator Bucket Sidecutter Tooth, Bolt On Sidecutter for Excavator
Strike Off: Half arrow profile, moderate to average digging
One-Piece: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, average digging
Blade-type: Extends bucket side to match teeth bite, drilled to accept optional extension plate
Heavy Duty: Increased wear and side bar protection, tough digging conditions

The excavator bucket designed for heavy-duty digging and loading of highly abrasive materials, direct extraction in the quarry and mine, excavating work on hard and rocky soil. Its structure is reinforced in the points which are more subject to stress and wear, with reinforced sides, double bottom and double formed profile, with protections between the teeth made of cast metal and replaceable side knives protections. Excavator Bucket Side Cutter Teeth, Casting Side Cutter XD200

Penetration: Improved penetration reduces load on the engine, transmission, tires and hydraulic system.
Ingenious: Beautiful durable rock chisel k bucket teeth, special design, more durable than normal bucket teeth.
Wearlife: Extra material designed, maximize wearlife and impact resistance.
Sharpness: Self-sharping design, better penetration, less stress on the machine, less oil consumption.
Hardness (HRC): 51-54, high quality, longer wearing life, Up to 250 hours, stronger, create productivity.
Save up 25% cost

WE offer replacement Side Cutters for the Hensley, Eo and Caterpillar styles.  Backhoe Bucket Side Cutter
The bolt-on Side Cutters have a wider diameter then the bucket walls. When properly mounted, the Side Cutters offers enhanced side wall shrouded strength where the bucket makes contact with materials loaded. Used in tandem with cutting edges or tooth and adapter assemblies. we also offers replacement Teeth and Adapter assemblies.

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Product Range

Part Number
Hensley Style B330 RH – 4 Bolt
Hensley Style B331 LH – 4 Bolt
50.0 lbs
CE-17748 3L – 3 Bolt
45.0 lbs
Style CE-17748 3R – 3 Bolt
45.0 lbs
 PDE 31329P – 3 Bolt
37.0 lbs
T1156A – 6 Bolt
60.0 lbs
 T1157A – 6 Bolt
60.0 lbs
Caterpillar Style 096-4748 – 4 Bolt
25.4 lbs
Caterpillar Style 096-4747 – 4 Bolt
25.4 lbs
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