Excavator Hydraulic Breaker Chisels

  • Excavator Hydraulic Breaker Chisels

Excavator Hydraulic Breaker Chisels, Excavator Hydraulic Hammer Rock Breaker Point Chisel, Hydraulic Breacker Chisels for all brand excavators and loaders, Drill Rod for Excavator Hammer, Conical / blunt / moil / flat / wedge point chisel China manufacturer

Excavator Hydraulic Breaker Chisels Features:
Model Number: ALL MODELS
1. Material: SCR440 or SCM440
2. Dimension: Depending on the specification of Tool Maker
3. Chisel type: Moil Point, Blunt Tool, Flat, wedge
4. Heat Treatment:
Austenting Temperature 810~850 (20min/inch)
Cooling Water oil cooling
Tempering 250~300 (1hr/inch)
5. Mechanical Properties:
Surface Hardness HRC51± 3
Core Hardness HRC35± 3
Tensile strength(min) 1250N/mm²
Yield point (min) 950N/mm²
Elongation 10~14%
Reduction of Area 35~40%
Impact work 23~28 ft1b
Grain size 7.0~8.0
6. Packaging Detail: Standard wooden case or as per special requirement
7. Delivery Detail: Within ten days upon receipt confirmation for the order
8. ISO and CE certified
9. Applications: mining,stone cutting,road,railway,construction,ship repairing

Hydraulic Breaker Points are constantly going through asphalt, rock , or packing the ground, so whether you need to replace one that is just worn out, or add a little more functionality to the hydraulic breaker that you already have, we has exactly what you need.Standard or Hard Moil Type Breaker Chisel Hydraulic Hammer Breaker Blunt Tool Chisel

Three professional designs of steel chisel:
1)Cone steel chisel
The energy provided will have a veay marvellous penetration when through point.split power being transmitted aroud,and no reverse.
2)Flat steel chisel
Excellent split power,good penetration,torque will have a direct role in the rock. Wedge Type Breaker Flat Chisel
3)Horizontal steel chisel
The energy provided by a large surface ,the best crushing effect , no torque occurs at a fixed pin. Conical Point Breaker Chisel

Applicable Field
1, Mining-mining, second-time breaking.
2, Road-repairing, breaking, foundation.
3, Construction-demolition of building and reinforced concrete.
4, Metallurgy-cleaning slag, demolition of furnace and foundaion.
5, Railway-tunneling, demolition of bridge.
6, Ship repairing-clearing rust from the hull.
7, Breaking frozen mud.

Which type of hydraulic breaker chisel we can supply:

Krupp HM45,HM50/60,HM60/75,HM85,HM130/135,HM170/185,HM200,HM300/301,
RAMMER S21,S20/22,ROX100,S23,S25,S26/,ROX400,S29,S52/,ROX700,
INDECO MES350,HB5,MES553,MES621,MES1200,HB12,HB19,MES1800,HB27,MES2500
RH501,BRH620, BRH625,BRH750,BRV32
STANLEY MB125,MB250/350,MB550,MB656,MB800,MB1550,
OKADA OUB301,OUB302,OUB303,OUB305,OUB308,OUB310,OUB312,OUB316,OUB318,
SOOSAN SB10,SB20,SB30,SB35,SB40,SB43,SB45,SB50,SB60,SB70,SB81,
KWANGLIM SG200,SG300,KSG350,SG400,SG600,SG800,SG1200,SG1800,SG2100,SG2500,
DAEMO DMB03,DMB04,DMB06,S150-V,S300-V,S500-V,S700-V,S900-V,S1300-V,S1800-V
HANWOO RHB301,RHB302,RHB303,RHB304,RHB305,RHB306,RHB308,RHB309,RHB313,
DAINONG D30,D50,D60,D70/90,D110,D130,D160,T180,K20
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