Excavator Doosan Bucket Teeth 2713-1272

  • Excavator Doosan Bucket Teeth 2713-1272

Excavator Doosan Bucket Teeth 2713-1272, DAEWOO DH130 & DOOSAN S130 Excavator Bucket Teeth 2713Y1272, Replacement DAEWOO Rock Type Tooth, Digger Bucket Teeth Point, Doosan Style bucket tips

Excavator Doosan Bucket Teeth 2713-1272 Features:
Part No.: 2713-1272 / 2713Y1272
Description: DAEWOO Tooth Doosan Style Parts Daewoo style dirt bucket tooth for model #S130V, takes a 9J2358 pin and an 8E6359 sleeved retainer
Weight  8.4 lb / 3.81 kg
Replacement Brand: DAEWOO Doosan
Logo: OEM
Color: Yellow or others
Applied Machine: Excavator
Applied Machine Models: DAEWOO DH280 Doosan S280V
Production Method: Casting
Material: Alloy steel
Chemical Component: Please contact with our sales to know details.
Hardness: HB 470-520
Impact: ≥15J (25℃)
Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²

• High-strength Alloy heat treated steel.
• Computer design ensures proper fitment and optimum strength.
• Efficient processes and “state of the art” foundry.
• Metallurgical staff and testing facilities ensures consistency.
Casting processes: sand, investment, steel and precision casting
Materials: gray iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, structural alloy steel, heat-resisting steel, aluminum alloy and more. Dirt Daewoo Tooth,Daewoo Bucket Tooth
Special materials are also available
Materials chemical components supplied
Production process: mold designed by drawing, wax mold fabrication, wax welding, mold shell making, roasting, pouring, sand strip, surface treatment, put in storage and package.

Daewoo Series (no photo) but we can supply best
18S 1KG Tooth point DH55/60/ZX60
18S-1 1KG Tooth point DH55/60/ZX60
DAOSAN(8H07) 1.2KG Tooth point DH55/60/ZX60
18SA-20 Tooth Adapter DH55/60/ZX60
18SA-1 Tooth Adapter DH55/60/ZX60
2713Y6051/L 2.2KG Side Cutter DH55/60/ZX60
2713Y6051/R 2.2KG Side Cutter DH55/60/ZX60
2713Y1221 Tooth point(STD) DH130/150
2713Y1222-32 5.9KG Tooth Adapter DH130/150
2713Y1217RC 5.2KG Tooth point(RC) DH220/225./258
3T1218-40 8.3KG Tooth Adapter DH220/225./258
27131219K 6.65KG Tooth point DH280/300/305
DH300-50/60 4.8/6.0KG Tooth DH300
DH280BCL/R 16.2KG Side Cutter DH280/300/305
713-00033-50/55/60 16.3/18.5/17.4KG Tooth Adapter DH330/360/370
27131237-50/60 24.2KG Tooth Adapter DH400/420/500

Materials: Alloy Steel
Machine Type: Excavator,Bulldozer,Loader…
Brands: Komatsu,Cat,Esco,Volvo,Hitachi,Jcb,Hyundai,Bofors..
Colors: Black, Yellow, Green ,Black
Technique: Casting
Heart treatment:Quenching ,tempering and annealing treatment
Hardness:Teeth : HRC48-52 ,Impact value >15J ; Adapters : HRC34-38 ,Impact value >28J
Work Condition:With excellent tensile and yield strength, good abrasion and impact resistance,they are very suitable for many different hard working conditions.  Daewoo style Bucket Teeth 2713-1221, Doosan Bucket Tip 2713-1221RC
Packing:The big size case could be packed 1.5 ton,medium size 1 ton,samll size 600-700 kilograms.
Certification: ISO
MOQ: 20 set
Delivery Time: According to the quantity
Service: OEM
Making Process:
wax-injection–assembling–shell making—de-wax–shell baking—pouring—sand cleaning–grinding–polished—heat treatment–polishing—-painting

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