Dredger Spare Parts Dredge Flare Teeth 10-CB-F

  • Dredger Spare Parts Dredge Flare Teeth 10-CB-F

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Dredger Spare Parts Dredge Flare Teeth 10-CB-F Feature:
Part Number    10-CB-F ,  HDCBF01
Machine type:  Dredger
Weight:     2.9   kg
Replacement Brand      IHC / VOSTA / E-S-C-O
Material High spec alloy steel
Hardness HRC46-52
Impact ≥20J
Package Details Plywood case
Delivery time 15-30 days
Samples Offer samples for free, but freight collect.
MOQ 10-100 pcs per part no. on the basis of the unit weight; for one order, a total of 1000kgs is acceptable.
Certification ISO9001:2008
Type of Business Manufacturer

Wear Parts has designed and developed wear part systems for dredging vessels manyyears.Thesystems are used for dredging of new ports and waterways worldwide. Because dredgers must workineverythingfrom clay to bedrock, the wear is so enormous that the teeth sometimes need to be replaced several timeseachhour.
Dredgers have very high costs, and it is therefore essential that the teeth can be used for amaximumperiodbefore being replaced. Furthermore, the teeth must be changed very quickly and safely

Dredge cutter teeth and adapters can be used on various types of dredging equipment. We have more than 10 years OEM experiences for the first class brands of the world. The cutter teeth are available on cutter heads, dredging wheel and drag heads. Teeth and adapters are available in several types and different sizes. Their shape, material and fixation system, combined with their strength and reliability make a major contribution to improving production. The alloy steel material after the heat treatment has the characteristics of high hardness and toughness, outstanding wear resistance, especially suitable for the strong wearing working conditions.


We have our own line of production for casting materials in China and S. Korea for cutting teeth for dredging systems. We produce the most common teeth as per our customers needs and our specification fulfills the highest standards and it is equivalent if not better to many well known expensive suppliers of pick points world wide. Upon request we can give you hardness test reports from independent laboratories and we assure you that our pick points will fit perfectly with the OEM adapters to ensure the impact distribution and long life of your cutting head.Our production line includes but is not limited to the following type of cutting teeth. ES-CO, CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, DOOSAN, VOLVO series and many more items.  IHC Dredger Teeth 20-CB-F2

Features and Performance:
1.The tooth is held in place with a patented screw joint which substantially reduces the time it takestochangethetooth.
2.The adapter has a stronger geometry and can be used five times longer before it needs replacing.  Dredger Teeth Flared Point HDCBF01 10-CB-F
3.The teeth weigh less and are therefore much safer to handle onboard. 30CB Serial Dredger Teeth and Holder Kit
4.The proportion of hard-wearing material in the tooth’s overall weight has been increased, givingthetooth40%higher utilization than before.
NOTE:For more information, please contact us, and tell me your requirements, we can designandproducetheright&best dredge teeth for you.

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Product Range


Teeth Specification

10CB Serial

No. P/No. Length(mm) Width(mm) Weight(kg) Remark
① 10-CB-F 198 90 2.9 F type
② 10-CB-N 198 20 2.2 N type
③ 10-CB-P 193 12 2.0 P type
④ 10-CB-AL 204 / 2.6 AL Adapter
⑤ 10-CB-ACR 200 / 3.0 ACR Adapter

20CB Serial

No. P/No. Length(mm) Width(mm) Weight(kg) Remark
① 20-CB-F2 295 118 8.4 F type
② 20-CB-F3 295 118 8.4 Rake Tooth
③ 20-CB-N 295 32 6.2 N type
④ 20-CB-P 300 12 6.9 P type
⑤ 20-CB-AL2 296 / 7.9 AL2 Adapter
⑥ 20-CB-AE 107 / 1.2 Wear Plate
⑦ 20-CB-ACR 268 / 8.2 ACR Adapter
⑧ 20-CB-AWN2 165 / 6.3 Ring Adapter
⑨ 20-CB-AWN3 165 / 6.0 Rake Adapter

30CB Serial

No. P/No. Length(mm) Width(mm) Weight(kg) Remark
① 30-CB-F2 320 142 12.7 F type
② 30-CB-N 320 48 9.7 N type
③ 30-CB-P 325 18 9.0 P type
④ 30-CB-ACR 296 / 17.8 ACR Adapter
⑤ 30-CB-AWN2 192 / 10.0 Ring Adapter
⑥ 30-CB-AE 156 / 3.4 Wear Plate

Pick Points And Adapters

1 POINT 24D-75 24D-75 1.5 PICK
2 34D-95 34D-95 4.1 PICK
3 34D-95A 34D-95A 7.0 CHISEL
4 44D14 44D14 10.0 PICK
5 44D14-1 44D14-1 12.5 CHISEL
6 44D14-2 44D14-2 19.1 CHISEL
7 B0571 B0571 9.1 FLORIDA PICK
8 10CBN 10CBN 2.0 PICK
9 20CBN 20CBN 6.2 PICK
10 10CBF 10CBF 3.0 FLARE
11 24D75-2 24D75-2 2.8 FLARE
12 34D-95-3A 34D-95-3A 9.8 FLARE
13 20CBF2-PLUS 20CBF2-PLUS 8.6
14 38DS14 38DS14 7.7 Spherilok Pick
15 38DS15AF 38DS15AF 10.5 Spherilok Pick
16 48DS14 48DS14 11.5 Spherilok Pick
17 20CBF3 20CBF3 8.3 Dracula
18 ADAPTER WN24D WN24D 2.3 Weld on Nose
19 WN 34D WN 34D 6.5 Weld on Nose
20 WN 44D WN 44D 13.0 Weld on Nose
21 1838-44D 1838-44D 23.0
22 10CB-AL 10CB-AL 2.5
23 20CB AL3 20CB AL3 7.0 Dracula
24 20CBA WN2 20CBA WN2 6.3
25 PIN 24D-PN 24D-PN 0.1
26 34D-PN 34D-PN 0.1
27 44D-PN 44D-PN 0.5
28 B0571 B0571 0.2
29 10-LP 10-LP 0.03
30 20-LP 20-LP 0.1
31 RUBBER 44D-LK 44D-LK 0.5
32 B0571 B0571 0.1
33 34D-LK 34D-LK 0.2
34 24D-LK 24D-LK 0.1
35 24D-LK 24D-LK 0.1
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