Double Bevel Curved Motor Grader Blade 7D1577

  • Double Bevel Curved Motor Grader Blade 7D1577

Double Bevel Curved Motor Grader Blade 7D1577, OEM Replacement CAT Grader Blades, Cat Motorgrader Cutting Edges, Caterpillar style bolt on cutting edge, Curved & Flat Cutting Edge & Blade for motorgrader; Cutting edges & end bit Ground Engaging Tools spare parts

Double Bevel Curved Motor Grader Blade 7D1577 Specifications:
Part Number: 7D-1577
Replacement Brand: Cat
Type Motorgrader GET
Weight: 59.2Kg
Width: 203mm
Thickness: 19mm
Length: 2133.2mm
Bolt: 3/4” plow bolt
Bolt Qty.: 15
Cat motor grader cutting edges provide the best balance of abrasion and impact resistance. Both Cat cutting edges and end bits are designed as a balanced system to move more material over a longer period with less downtime. This is accomplished by providing great strength for superior breakage resistance, and by offering maximum wear protection from both bottom and face wear on the cutting edge.

Manufactured from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable cutting edges make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools.

• Impact and abrasion resistance
• High productivity in any application

• 12’ Blades
• ¾” Bolt Holes
• Developing roads
Removing holes

Compatible Models:

motor grader
160M 3 AWD 14G, 140H NA 16G, 163H NA 140M 3 AWD 120K, 120M 2 140M, 160M, 140, 163H, 14M-3 160M 2 12M, 12M 3 AWD 140M 2 12M 2 140M 3 120M, 160H ES 160H, 12M 3 160H NA 14M3, 140H ES 14L 120K 2 140K 2 160M 3 140H, 14H NA 16, 160K, 12H

motor graders
12K, 143H, 160H, 160M, 120M, 14M, 14H, 140K, 12M, 140M, 160K, 120M3AWD, 160HNA, 160M3, 12M2AWD, 120K2, 160M3AWD, 120M2, 140M2, 160M2, 140K2, 14LAWD, 140M3, 140HNA, 160MAWD, 12M3AWD, 140M3AWD, 140M2AWD, 12HNA, 163H, 120MAWD, 12M3, 120M2AWD, 160M2AWD, 120M3, 140GC 140-13, 140-13AWD, 120LAWD, 120

Material: High Carbon Steel or High-quality boron steel .
Thickness Range: Max. 110mm
Length Range: Max. 6m
Width Range: Max. 410mm

6 Holes Grader Blade Cutting Edge 1406836  Grader Blades & Accessories:
OEM Replacement & Custom Design
High Carbon Steel & Boron Steel(Heat Treated)
Double Bevel curved: 6″ (152mm), 8″(203mm)
Double Bevel Flat: 8″(203mm), 10″(254mm), 11″(280mm), 12″(305mm), 13″(330mm), 16″(406mm)
Curved Serrated Cutting Edge & Flat Serrated Cutting Edge
Overlay & Moldboard End Bit
Scarifer Shank & Teeth

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Product Range


Double Bevel Curved Motor Grader Blade 7D1577 Size:
Machine: Motor Grader
Material: Through Hardened (DH2)
Serration: Not Serrated
Thickness (in): 0.75
Thickness (mm): 19.05
Width (mm): 203.2


Part Number Measurement (mm) Description Brand Weight(Kgs)
4T2236 2438.4mmX203.2mmX25mm 3/4″X17 Grader Blades CAT 92.1
4T2242 2133.6mmX203.2mmX25mm 5/8″X15 Grader Blades CAT 81.5
4T2233 2133.6mmX203.2mmX25mm 3/4″X15 Grader Blades CAT 80.6
4T2231 1828.8mmX203.2mmX25mm 3/4″X13 Grader Blades CAT 69
4T2244 1828.8mmX203.2mmX25mm 5/8″X13 Grader Blades CAT 69
7D1949 2438.4mmX203.2mmX19mm 3/4″X17 Grader Blades CAT 68
5D9732 2438.4mmX203.2mmX19mm 5/8″X17 Grader Blades CAT 68
5D9559 2133.6mmX203.2mmX19mm  5/8″X15 Grader Blades CAT 60
7D1577 2133.6mmX203.2mmX19mm  3/4″X15 Grader Blades CAT 60
7D1576 1828.8mmX203.2mmX19mm  3/4″X13 Grader Blades CAT 51
9W6252 1524mmX203.2mmX19mm     5/8″X11 Grader Blades CAT 42.8
5D9557 2133.6mmX152.4mmX19mm  5/8″X15 Grader Blades CAT 42.6
7T1623 2133.6mmX203.2mmX19mm  5/8″X9 Grader Blades CAT 60
5D9556 1828.8mmX152.4mmX19mm  5/8″X13 Grader Blades CAT 36.5
8J9821 2438.4mmX203.2mmX16mm  3/4″X17 Grader Blades CAT 57.5
5D9561 2133.6mmX203.2mmX16mm  5/8″X15 Grader Blades CAT 49.5
7D1158 2133.6mmX203.2mmX16mm  3/4″X15 Grader Blades CAT 50
5D9562 1828.8mmX203.2mmX16mm  5/8″X13 Grader Blades CAT 42.5
9J7701 1828.8mmX203.2mmX16mm  3/4″X13 Grader Blades CAT 42.5
5D9554 2133.6mmX152.4mmX16mm  5/8″X15 Grader Blades CAT 35.8
9J3658 2133.6mmX152.4mmX16mm  3/4″X15 Grader Blades CAT 35.6
5D9553 1828.8mmX152.4mmX16mm  5/8″X13 Grader Blades CAT 30.7
5B5564 1828.8mmX152.4mmX16mm  5/8″X9 Grader Blades CAT 30.9
7D4508 1524mmX152.4mmX16mm    5/8″X11 Grader Blades CAT 25.6
9J3657 1828.8mmX152.4mmX16mm 3/4″X13 Grader Blades CAT 30
8D2787 2133.6mmX152.4mmX13mm 5/8″X15 Grader Blades CAT 28.5
8D2786 1828.8mmX152.4mmX13mm 5/8″X13 Grader Blades CAT 24.5
3G7966 1524mmX152.4mmX19mm    5/8″X11 Grader Blades CAT 30.3
7T1628 2438.4mmX203.2mmX16mm  3/4″X10 Grader Blades CAT 56.1
7T1632 2438.4mmX152.4mmX16mm  5/8″X10 Grader Blades CAT 41.3
7T1637 1828.8mmX152.4mmX16mm  3/4″X8 Grader Blades CAT 30.9
7D4509 1524mmX203.2mmX16mm     5/8″X11 Grader Blades CAT 34.8
7T1631 2438.4mmX203.2mmX16mm  5/8″X10 Grader Blades CAT 56.2
7T1633 1828.8mmX152.4mmX16mm  5/8″X8 Grader Blades CAT 31
7T1645 2133.6mmX152.4mmX16mm  5/8″X9 Grader Blades CAT 36.1
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